Patient Gown Design Competition Continues

patient decade design competition continues
patient decade design competition continues

American Hospital, its foundation's “100. It is launching the “Patient Apron Design Competition” for young talents among the innovative projects it has realized in different fields.

Applications for the contest, in which fashion designer Mehtap Elaidi will serve as a consultant, as well as the jury members, each more valuable than the other, will continue on the website until April 28, 2021.

The American Hospital, which has signed many pioneering studies in the health sector so far, is even more important in the current pandemic period, with the message "Reflect Your Imagination to Your Designs". kazanAn emphasizes medical design and addresses the students and graduates of the fashion and/or textile design departments of universities. American Hospital Chief Physician Dr. In the competition, where İsmail Bozkurt is the head of the jury, fashion designer Mehtap Elaidi will also advise the contestants in the process. KazanIn addition to the Apple Watch, which will be awarded to the contestant at the moment, his designs will also come to life on the American Hospital patient gowns. The first three names in the rankings are entitled to the General Portfolio Evaluation Award with Özlem Kaya, Co-Chair of the Fashion Designers Association. kazanwill ache.

Chief Physician of the American Hospital Dr. Ismail Bozkurt Fashion Designers Association Co-President Ozlem Kaya, fashion designers moonlight Elaidi, Dilek Hanif, Kutoğlu Idle and Niyazi Erdogan, Parsons - The New School of Design, the former dean Burak Cakmak, Instyle Executive Editor Spring fate, Vogue Turkey Fashion Director Ceylan Atınç and influencer Rachel Araz, the details of the competition, which will take place in three different stages, will be as follows:

First Stage: Online Assessment

In the first stage to be held between April 30 and May 11, 2021, the selection committee consisting of experienced representatives of the fashion and textile industry and the American Hospital will examine and score the application documents and presentation files of all participants online, and a pre-jury evaluation will be held on Tuesday, May 11, 2021.

Second Stage: Consultant Meeting with Fashion Designer Mehtap Elaidi

The 10 participant finalists who passed the first stage will be invited to the online preliminary interview to be held on Monday, May 24, 2021 with the consultant of the competition, Mehtap Elaidi. At this stage, the contestants will be asked to send the layout printouts of the designs in the categories of "Woman", "Male", "Child" and "Birth" and provide information about their projects online. After the interviews, they will complete their design and design presentations with the guidance of Mehtap Elaidi.

Third Stage: Online Oral Interview

The 10 participant finalists who passed the first stage will be invited to the online interview that will take place with the selection committee on Thursday, 27 May 2021. At this stage, the contestants will be asked to inform the selection committee about their projects online.

Announcement of Results

After the end of the interviews, the competition will be held on Monday, May 31, 2021. kazanAn 3 designers will be announced and announced simultaneously on the following web addresses:

Contest Participation Conditions: 3rd and 4th year students studying in the Fashion and / or Textile Design department of any university, or those who have graduated from a Fashion Design department in the last 5 years can participate.

Participants should prepare patient gowns in the categories of "Woman", "Male", "Child" and "Birth".

Designs should be wearable and manufacturable.

patient decade design competition

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