Tracking System Installed on Excursion Boats in Halfeti District

Tracking system installed on cruise boats in halfeti district
Tracking system installed on cruise boats in halfeti district

A tracking system that can track route, location and speed at the same time has been installed on the excursion boats in Halfeti, known as Hidden Paradise by Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality.

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, which closely follows innovative works in every field of transportation, will keep the cruise boats that generally serve domestic and foreign tourists under the control system on the banks of the fertile Euphrates River.

In this context; A safe journey is aimed by route and location tracking, speed optimization and tracking so that the tour boats in Halfeti can travel safely to domestic and foreign tourists coming to Sanliurfa.

Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Transportation Department, which has implemented such a study in order to reduce the accident rates with the tracking system, to determine the location of the boat in case of a possible accident and to control whether the boats exceed the speed limits, the Inland Waters Transportation Branch Directorate, firstly, followed by the trips in Birecik and Bozova districts. It will implement the same application on its boats.

With the completion of the tracking system installation, the safety of ships and floating barges operating in all inland waters will be made traceable with vehicle tracking and camera systems.

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