Bursa Metropolitan Continues Transportation Services

bursa buyuksehir continues transportation services
bursa buyuksehir continues transportation services

📩 12/04/2021 10:57

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which turns the weekend curfews applied within the scope of combating corona virus into an opportunity, does not slow down its transportation investments. Within the scope of the works, while the additional lane application made for turning from the ring road to İzmir direction was completed, asphalting was performed at many points.

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which continues its investments in road widening, new roads, bridges and intersections and rail system without slowing down in order to eliminate the transportation problem of Bursa, turned the curfews into an opportunity. The Metropolitan teams, which carried out an important rehabilitation work especially on the main arteries with 80 thousand tons of hot asphalt coating in the curfews imposed last year, continue their work in the field without slowing down this year during the weekend bans.

Fever work for novices

Excavation filling, asphalt pavement, asphalt patch, border, traffic line, signalization and placarding works were carried out in Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation with 12 vehicles and a team of 77 people at 191 same points. In order to prevent the density of vehicles coming from the Ring Road and going towards Izmir, the lane expansion work in this region was completed during the weekend bans. Within the scope of the European Council Beltway Acemler Junction BUSKİ branch road widening works, the asphalting works were completed after the construction of 260 meters long 3 meters high curtain wall, excavation and filling works, rain water, guardrail, border and pavement fabrications required for road expansion.

In addition, within the scope of Acemler Crossroad tube crossing work, while the asphalt work on the Oulu Street bridge continues rapidly, Nilüferköy Neighborhood road asphalt patch work in the boundaries of Osmangazi district, Demirtaş Street Road Panayır Street discovery Yasemin Park Junction excavation and asphalt pavement work, Demirtaş Street Road Yıldız Houses Crossroad The asphalt pavement work continued unabated throughout the weekend. In addition, the installation of the Gençosman pedestrian overpass on the T2 line was completed during the weekend bans.


Bursa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Alinur Aktaş reminded that it is not possible to carry out works on transportation without interrupting traffic, and therefore they are trying to evaluate the weekend bans in the most efficient way. Reminding that the most important priorities in Bursa are traffic and transportation, President Aktaş said, “Our teams continue to work with great devotion not only in the city center but also in all districts. We work hard day and night in order to use time in the most efficient way. Our aim is to eliminate the disruptions, especially in transportation, one by one, ”he said.

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