ASELSAN Academy and Boğaziçi University Organized Technology Workshop

Collaborate with Aselsan for the science of the future from Bosphorus
Collaborate with Aselsan for the science of the future from Bosphorus

A Technology Workshop was held on April 15-16 with the collaboration of ASELSAN Academy & Boğaziçi University with the participation of approximately 150 academics and experts. The two institutions will seize opportunities to work closer in the upcoming period.

Speaking at the opening of the Technology Workshop held online, Boğaziçi University Rector Prof. Dr. Melih Bulu stated that they are always ready for new collaborations with ASELSAN. ASELSAN Chairman of the Board and General Manager Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün emphasized that they follow the ongoing studies in the field of particle physics and biomedical with interest and said that the partnerships to be established can create enormous added value.

ASELSAN Academy-Boğaziçi University Technology Workshop was held online on 15-16 April. At the workshop, ways to build sustainable cooperation between ASELSAN and Boğaziçi were discussed. During the event, remarkable presentations were made in the fields of basic sciences, engineering and biomedical, where Boğaziçi University also stood out scientifically. While Boğaziçi scientists exchanged ideas with ASELSAN experts, new research and development collaborations that could be established were also discussed. In the sessions of the workshop on April 15, presentations were made on projects in the fields of satellite-space, particle physics, communication and information technologies. At the workshop, which ended on April 16, scientists introduced studies on cancer diagnosis and treatment, advanced imaging technologies, biomaterials and supercapacitors at Boğaziçi University.

"We are ready to give all the support we can"

Making the opening speech of the workshop, Rector of Boğaziçi University Prof. Dr. Melih Bulu, which is one of Turkey's most powerful domestic brand of ASELSAN's Bosphorus University has stressed the importance of coming together. Stating that it is valuable for ASELSAN to follow and consider current studies in the Bosphorus, Prof. Dr. Melih Bulu continued his words as follows:

“I think the cooperation between ASELSAN and Boğaziçi University is very important. Our Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Our Rectorate, including Gürkan Selçuk Kumbaroğlu, aspires to support ASELSAN and support ASELSAN in solving the problems of ASELSAN, which is competing with the world. The workshop organized is a concrete indicator of this step. I think that determining a representative from ASELSAN Academy and Boğaziçi University after the meetings and following the process at the top level will make it easier to get certain results. In the following stages, we would like to bring together ASELSAN's technical team and our professors at the Bosphorus. Thus, we can make these two distinguished institutions come closer in terms of cooperation. I hope all our work with ASELSAN Academy will yield the best results. "

"We expect cooperation to create added value"

ASELSAN Chairman of the Board and General Manager Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün expressed his excitement for the planned collaborations with Boğaziçi University, which is among the distinguished higher education institutions with 150 years of research performance. Adding that Boğaziçi graduates have achieved important works in different units of ASELSAN, Prof. Dr. Haluk Görgün continued his speech as follows:

“We are aware that Boğaziçi University has carried out important research in many fields. We follow the studies in the field of biomedical and particle physics, which have recently been carried out and attracted attention in the Bosphorus. We consider it important that Boğaziçi is a part of 'NeurotechEU' European University. We know their contribution to CERN's work and hope that their success will increase in this field. We expect ASELSAN, which adds different dimensions to university-industry cooperation, to create added value in the Bosphorus. ASELSAN; It is an institution that has succeeded in establishing cooperation with our faculty members at universities and combining academicians' work with pioneering qualities with the sector in the fields of research. As ASELSAN, our R&D budget is 541 million dollars. In such workshops, we strive for ASELSAN professionals to meet face-to-face with university academics. Thus, we are trying to bring mutually prominent technologies in the world to our country. "

"The cooperation between Boğaziçi University and ASELSAN will continue."

In the workshop, which was followed by nearly 150 participants from different fields of expertise, many important topics were discussed under the umbrella of Technology, from Space Technologies to Communication and Information Technologies, from Radar Systems to Transportation, Security, Energy, Health and Automation. Boğaziçi University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. While Gürkan Kumbaroğlu stated that they were excited and happy to work closely with ASELSAN, ASELSAN R&D Cooperation Manager Hacer Selamoğlu said, “Our cooperation is not limited to this workshop, this is just the beginning. I believe that the research richness of Boğaziçi University will make a great contribution to the needs of ASELSAN ”. Boğaziçi University Technology Transfer Office General Manager Sevim Tekeli emphasized that the workshop was very productive on behalf of Boğaziçi University and that they will follow the projects for new collaborations.



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