Little girl disappeared in Van found 5 hours later

The little girl lost in van was found after hours
The little girl lost in van was found after hours

3-year-old Şeymanur Güzel, who disappeared in Van's Muradiye district, was found alive 5 hours later by AFAD and Gendarmerie teams.

Şeymanur Güzel, 3 years old, disappeared around 18.15 in the Mikail hamlet of Devetaş Mahallesi in Muradiye district. His family informed the security forces. Gendarmerie and AFAD teams started work in the region.

Found in the mountainous terrain after 5 hours

As a result of the studies, the little girl was found alive after about 3,5 hours in a mountainous area 5 kilometers from her home.

The little girl, brought in the arms of the gendarmerie personnel, was greeted with applause by the locals. Şeymanur was handed over to his family after the first intervention of the medical teams.

It was learned that the little girl was in good health.



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