The Festival of Children's Films Has Ended

Festival of children's films has ended
Festival of children's films has ended

The 17th Children's Films Festival, which was organized by the TÜRSAK Foundation with the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism General Directorate of Cinema, has ended.

The closing and award ceremony of the 17th Children's Films Festival, which is organized for the purpose of children's artistic production, acquiring cinema culture and increasing their interest in the seventh art branch, will be held on Friday, April 23, with the presentation of Nayme Taylan. YouTube took place on the channel. At the closing ceremony of the festival, the winner of the "Story of My Film" competition was announced. The award for the winner was designed by the brand URART, famous for its designs and art galleries.

"We are proud of contributing to the children's work in the field of culture and arts."

The views of Cemal Okan, President of TÜRSAK Foundation, were first addressed at the ceremony. "Dear children, 23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day, I congratulate your best wishes," said Okan, 17 years organized by Children's Film Festival, told through cinema they introduced children from every region of Turkey. He also stated that they are proud of contributing to their children to work in the field of cinema and culture and arts at an early age with the workshops they give. Cemal Okan stated that they continued the Children's Film Festival, which was held online for the first time last year, in the same way this year, and thanked the children who showed great interest in the festival.

Best Story Owner "Asya Şahin"

Under the presidency of Cartoonist and Animation Producer Varol Yaşaroğlu; The winner of the Film My Story Contest, in which 50 names whose stories will be published in the book were announced recently by the Main Jury Members consisting of Screenwriter and Director Ali Tanrıverdi, Writer and Psychiatrist Cem Mumcu, Actor Ceren Benderlioğlu, CGV Mars Cinema Group COO Nurdan Ulu Horozoğlu. Asya Şahin was the owner of the story named. The winner of the competition, Asya Şahin, thanked the jury members who deemed her worthy of the award and said, “I am very happy that I won the award, it is like a dream. I receive this award on behalf of all children that the TÜRSAK Foundation has brought together with art for 17 years. I would like to thank TÜRSAK Foundation for giving me the best April 23rd gift after Atatürk ”.

The festival was welcomed with enthusiasm this year as every year.

17. Children's Film Festival within the scope of Turkey's cinema culture with children from around the address online and free film screenings were experiencing their homes. In the program, which featured the most interesting and beautiful films of the last period, tiny moviegoers had hours of fun. At the festival this year, a full program of 15 films consisting of short and feature films met with the children. The opening film was Bizim Köyde Macera, shot by Fatma Yoksul, who won the Filmimin Story contest last year, with director Emre Kavuk. Other films on the program include Asterix: The Secret of the Magic Potion, Moon Watcher, Crazy Dogs, Electric Sky, Instinct, Life on the Shore, Hedgehog and Magpie: Cute Space Heroes, Little Shoemaker, Little Hero, Maestro, Mido and Singing Animals, The Last Coin, Your Cipher. Did you forget? and Leaf took place.

Children's love for cinema increased with educational and instructional workshops

The children experienced the festival excitement by participating in beautiful events under the magical roof of the cinema. After the "Animation Workshop" with Aslan Tamjidi met with the children, the "Acting Workshop" was held with Zeynep Bayat, and the questions that the children were curious about acting were answered. On the same day, "Basics of Creating a Script" workshop was held with Adam Biernacki. Gathering at the workshop given by the director, screenwriter, theater instructor and lecturer Adam Biernacki, the children learned about the methods of drafting a drama, fairy tale and story, and what the rules are to get the audience's attention.

In addition, three more important workshops were held within the scope of the festival. With the “Story Literacy Talk”, Writer Yekta Kopan told the children she met online about the points they should pay attention to in story literacy. Another event was the "Traditional Karagöz Play Workshop" with Hüseyin Aytuğ Çelik. Actor, puppeteer and director Hüseyin Aytuğ Çelik talked about the narrated and known histories of Karagöz plays during the workshop, and then shared the preparation and performance processes of a Karagöz play with the participants practically. Another workshop held in Russian was the "Script Writing Workshop" with Lena Levina. Lena Levina answered the curious questions by telling the children about the issues that need attention while writing a script and the essentials of a good script. With all the activities carried out, the children experienced the festival enthusiasm to the fullest.

Important sector representatives from our country and abroad came together

Another important event of the festival was the "International Sector Meeting". Britain PACT, Russia from the Producers Guild and the Animation Producers Association and participants of digital platforms in the meeting held April 19 on Monday, with contributions from anfiyap Turkey's domestic market and international market targeted projects, the monetization agreement by copyright law how their own country They shared their views and experiences that it is working. In addition, they shared the projects they were developing with other participants and discussed possible co-production and cooperation. Michael Ford, Neil Mukherjee, Martin Wright and Ruben Smith from England, Anna Egorova, Irina Mastusova, Natali Babich, Natalie Trifanova, Olga Pechenkova, Sergey Orlov from England, Vadim Sotskov with the Turkey Art Topaloðlu, Arman Sernaz, Emirhan Emre Evren Yigit, John Shahnaz, River Atabeks spoiled South, Oguz Senturk, Omar Uğurgel, Ceyhan Kandemir, Nazli Eda Noyan, Sid Field Arslan and join the existing Yaşaroğlu.



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