25 Million Lira Support from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to the Cinema Industry

million lira support from the ministry of culture and tourism to the cinema sector
million lira support from the ministry of culture and tourism to the cinema sector

In 2021, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism provided an additional 26 million 25 thousand lira to the cinema sector for 50 projects. In the third support board of this year, 164 projects in the type of First Feature Fiction Film Production, Feature Film Production, Post-Production, Distribution and Promotion and Co-Production were evaluated by the support board consisting of 8 people consisting of cinema sector representatives.

At the meeting of the support board, 7 million 5 thousand TL for 250 "First Feature Film Production" projects, 16 "Feature Film Production" projects 18 million 600 thousand TL, 1 "Post-Production" project 500 thousand TL and 2 "Joint Production" projects Support of 700 thousand liras was provided.

Support for Master Directors

With the support of the director who will produce his first film within the scope of the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, seven promising directors were enabled to make their first feature films this year.

Director Mustafa Kara, who received awards from the world's leading festivals such as the Asia Pacific Film Awards and the Tokyo Film Festival, with his new project titled "Devotion Fikret" and "Kalandar Soğuğu", by master director Semih Kaplanoğlu, who won the "Golden Bear" award at the Berlin Film Festival. His new project named “After the Seasons” was entitled to receive 1 million 800 thousand TL support.

Successfully representing Turkish Cinema in the international arena, Tolga Karaçelik's "Shallow Story of the Author Who Decides to Write About a Serial Killer", Tarık Aktaş's "From Night to Dawn", Ferit Karahan's "Meteor Laws" Seyid Çolak's "Obruk" and “Windy Sunday” adapted from master director Osman Sınav's work of the same name, Mustafa Kutlu, are among the supported projects.

Support from the Ministry for the National Struggle Films

"Mahi-Lieutenant Kara Fatma", which tells about the heroism of Fatma Seher, the female hero of the national struggle, who is nicknamed "Black Fatma" during the war years, is about the liberation of Istanbul from the enemy occupation and the National Struggle in Anatolia continues. Mehmet Akif Ersoy in our national anthem by the wording describing the process of being adopted by Turkey and the first Great National Assembly "Akif" film took place among the films eligible for support.

Support for Animated Films Continues

With the support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in recent years, feature-length animated films, whose production has increased significantly, have achieved great success.

The animated films supported this year were "Cille" and "Happy Toy Shop" with the second film of the "Puzzle Tower" series, which was followed with great interest.

Support for Co-Productions

Co-productions, which became very important in the cinema sector due to reasons such as bringing together filmmakers from different countries, transfer of knowledge and technology, access to local funding sources and creating potential markets, were also supported by the amendment made in the cinema law.

Co-Production Support species this year Ukraine and Turkey co-production of "Klondike" with Macedonia and Turkey co-production "Men Versus Flock" was given to support the Project.

Zeyno Film was the Turkish co-producer of the movie "Men Versus Flock" and previously produced films such as "Winter Sleep" and "Ahlat Tree" with the Golden Palm prize, while the Turkish co-producer of the film "Klondike" with the film "Omar and Us" is at the Warsaw Film Festival. Mehmet Bahadır Er's Protim Video Production company took over the award.

Documentary Film Production Support type applications will be evaluated at the fourth support board of 2021, which will be held in May.

According to the decisions of the Cinema Support Board 2021-3, the General Directorate of Cinema https://sinema.ktb.gov.tr/TR-286725/2021-3-sayili-sinema-destekleme-kurulu-kararlari-acikla-.html can be reached from.



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