World's First 6G Test Satellite Launched from China

World's first g test satellite launched from gin
World's first g test satellite launched from gin

China launched the test satellite, known as the world's first 6G satellite, with the Long March-6 rocket from Taiyuan Base in Shanxi. It is known that the carrier rocket takes 6 more satellites into orbit along with the 12G test satellite. Long March-6 is a liquid-fueled, 3-stage rocket with a carrier capacity of approximately 1000 kg, developed by the Chinese CASC.

It is known that 10 satellites on duty are high resolution observation satellites equipped with remote sensing systems by Argentine Satellogic. The company aims to take its place among Planet and Maxar companies, which provide mapping services in areas such as energy, agriculture, and settlement management.

It is known that the main payload of the 6G test satellite for now is remote sensing systems. In this way, it will continue to function in many areas such as agriculture and disaster management. This satellite, whose main function is to make observations, also contains the communication / communication load on which the 6th generation communication technology will be tested.

According to the information provided by Chinese local news sources, the design of the components to test 6G was carried out in cooperation with Chinese universities and companies. Although the satellite is touted as the first 6G satellite in the media, it should be kept in mind that it is an observation satellite with 6G test components.

6G Technology

The data transfer rate is expected to approach 10 Gbps over the coming years. It has been determined as a result of the studies that this speed is not possible in the bandwidths currently used. For this reason, 6G technology requires an innovative and advanced design.

6G requires standardization in many areas such as protocols of various security and confidentiality levels, advanced signal processing algorithms and advanced transceiver designs.

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