PUBG Mobile Maintains Its Popularity Around The World!


PUBG Mobile, which attracts great attention worldwide, continues to increase its player base. PUBG Mobile, which has become indispensable for players of all ages, can be played both as FPS and TPS. PUBG, which first entered the market with its PC version, continues its justified claim to be the most preferred game in the mobile game market, after its success on this platform. Unlike the PC version, the free version of the mobile version is considered to play an important role in reaching more users than the PC version of PUBG Mobile. Upon attracting more attention from the mobile version, the PUBG Mobile Lite version, which allows the game to be used on lower-performance devices, has been removed and it is known that this version is designed to provide users with a smoother gaming experience on phones with not very good performance.

How to Play PUBG Mobile?

Having almost the same criteria as the computer version, Pubg mobile uc cheat It is among the most downloaded games in the world. In the mobile version, players can collect items, or loot, a little easier than the PC version. The reason for this is known to be a bit more difficult to play with the screen of mobile devices than playing on a computer.

When the PUBG Mobile game was released, the first map was Erangel, but now there are maps with different features in the game. Most of the players still prefer to play in Erangel because Erangel has the largest area of ​​the game. Miramar, which has almost the same surface area as the Erangel map, is a desert map, and there are usually binocular weapons on this map. As it can be understood from here, the vehicles and items to be looted in PUBG Mobile can vary from map to map. Sanhook, one of the later maps of the game, is also considered one of the most popular maps. This smaller area is covered with greenery. The game time is shorter compared to other maps. Their weapons are the same as the Erangel map, but their vehicles are known to be different. Vikendi, the last map added to the game, stands out with its average area compared to other maps. Weather conditions are known to be snowy on this map, which is completely covered with snow.

Before entering the game, PUBG Mobile players choose how many people will enter the game and on which map they want to fight. Players who are not friends but want to fight with a team of 4 are assigned to a random team by the game. The beginning of the game is flown in every map. When the plane takes off, there is a maximum of 100 people in it. The plane moves on a line route in a certain part of the selected map. Players can also jump close to the region they choose on the map and land on their chosen location. Players who choose to land in the central areas where their opponents are located must land faster than other opponents and find weapons quickly. Thus, they can exclude players who landed after them. Or, they can choose to start the game more easily by landing on decentralized areas. Players landing on the ground need to find items and weapons in about 10 minutes in houses, buildings or ground. Players who find items and weapons often hide and wait for opponent players and kill them. Due to the safe zone in the game, players cannot always stay at a certain point. Since the safe zone, the plain zone, shrinks every five minutes, players need to be constantly on the move. The safe zone starts to shrink towards a certain part of the map as the game progresses. In this way, the players gather in this region and they see each other and enter a tougher fight. Players who are outside the safe zone begin to lose life slowly and then quickly. On the way to the safe zone, the players occasionally encounter the red zone. 1 minute bomb rains occur in the red area. Players can lose their lives and be out of the game as a result of bombs while passing through here with their vehicles. Air drops containing special items are also thrown from the aircraft in the game. In this way, players who receive the drops can have a clear advantage over their opponents. With the narrowing of the safe zone, players gather in certain green and open areas. Of the players who try to hide from here and kill their opponents, the last man to survive becomes the winner of the game.

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