Moscow-St. Petersburg in 2 Hours by High Speed ​​Train

moscow st petersburg will arrive by train
moscow st petersburg will arrive by train

Opening the Hovrino, one of the suburban train stations on Moscow's MCD-3 line, together with Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin, Russian Railways General Manager Oleg Belozerov said, “Moscow-St. "With the implementation of the St. Petersburg high-speed railway project, travel time will decrease to half of the current, 2019 hours."

Moscow-St. The cost of the Petersburg high-speed train project is calculated at 1,7 trillion rubles. The project, which is planned to start in 2022 and finish in 2026, will surpass the current high-speed train Sapsan, which takes the same distance in approximately 3,5-4 hours.

Experts state that it is possible to reduce the 650-kilometer distance between the two cities to two hours with high-tech trains with speeds ranging from 200 to 400 km, and that there is foreign technology, if not domestic. The same experts said, “In the current railway, Sapsan goes and freight train goes. In order to travel in two hours, it is necessary to lay a new technology for the new train. "The difficulties of the project are great, but it is possible to reduce it to 2 hours and 20 minutes."

If this project happens, it will be possible to join Moscow and St. It is stated that flights between St. Petersburg will lose their attraction.

Source: turkrus

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