IETT 2021 Budget Accepted! Metrobus Vehicles Are Renewed

iett year boutique accepted metrobus vehicles are renewed
iett year boutique accepted metrobus vehicles are renewed

The 2021 budget, investment program and strategic plan of the IETT General Directorate were approved by the IMM Assembly. In his presentation, IETT General Manager Alper Bilgili stated that they will buy 300 new buses for the metrobus and with the new system they will start in December, private public buses will be started to be operated by IETT.

The 2021 budget, investment program and strategic plan of the IETT General Directorate, one of the affiliated institutions of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), were discussed at the IMM Assembly.

Presenting IETT's 7 billion 250 million lira 2021 budget to the IMM Assembly, IETT General Manager Alper Bilgili said that the 150-year-old institution started to serve with 2020 electric public transport vehicles in the Islands in 60. Reminding that the administration and administration of purple buses and Public Buses were also transferred to IETT recently, Bilgili stated that the application will start in December.

Stating that they will buy 300 high-capacity and safe buses next year in order to renew the metrobus fleet and increase its capacity, Bilgili said, “With this investment, we aim to reduce the current density in the metrobus. In this way, we will both partially renew our existing metrobus fleet, which has already completed its economic life, and increase the comfort and safety of our passengers ”.


Bilgili pointed out that they serve every point of Istanbul with a total of 6.337 vehicles and 14 stops, saying, “While carrying 272 billion 18,5 million passengers by making 1 million trips annually in the pre-pandemic period, the number of trips decreased by 373 percent with the epidemic. On the other hand, we determined our strategic goals for 40. The first of these is to further increase passenger satisfaction. For this, we are taking a series of steps to perform public transportation services in a safer, more comfortable and timely manner ”.


Reminding that they will switch to the unification of private transportation under the roof of IETT from next month, Bilgili continued his words as follows:

“With this new model, the management of all buses will virtually unite. The most important advantages of the new model are; flexible planning, line optimization, integrated transportation, capacity increase and increased passenger satisfaction. In order to make sustainability effective, we will act with the objectives of using resources efficiently, reducing operational costs, increasing social responsibility awareness and reducing environmental impacts. In 2020, we added 18 buses to our IETT fleet for 130 million lira. I would like to state that we allocate 7 billion 250 million TL of our 2021 budget, which is planned to be 1 billion 650 million TL in total, for investment, that is, new vehicle purchases.


Stating that the maintenance activities of the buses are also audited by the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, independently from IETT auditors and maintenance companies, Alper Bilgiyi gave the following information:

“We also aim to spread our effective control system to all buses after the transformation of private public buses. In line with our aim to popularize and develop smart transportation technologies; We act with the aim of applying new technologies, improving existing in-vehicle technologies, improving and disseminating passenger information channels. We respond to the demands of our passengers on social media in a fast and solution-oriented manner. This success has been appreciated by various organizations. Social Media Awards Turkey's most trusted brands among the Gold Award winner in 2020, was IETT. "

In the session, Engin Çelik on behalf of the CHP, Hamdi Demirhan on behalf of the AK Party, Suat Sarı on behalf of the Good Party, and Volkan Yılmaz on behalf of the MHP shared their views. The 2020 budget of the IETT General Directorate, which was later put to the vote, was approved with 208 affirmative votes.

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