ASELSAN Wins First Place in NATO's Defense Innovation Competition

aselsan won first place in defense innovation competition organized by nato
aselsan won first place in defense innovation competition organized by nato

ASELSAN won the first place in the Defense Innovation Competition organized by the NATO Communication and Information Agency (NCIA) for the 5th time this year.

The 2016th of the "Defense Innovation Competition" organized by the NATO Communication and Information Agency (NCIA) since 5 was held in 2020. ASELSAN, one of the leading companies of the Turkish defense industry, became the winner of the 2020 Defense Innovation Competition. In the aforementioned competition, ASELSAN had the chance to transform its systems into operational use for NATO joint security with 2 project proposals it developed to improve air surveillance radar performance. Participants in the competition included Czech-based ERA ace and Canada-based Reticle Ventures Canada Incorporated, which ranked 2nd and 3rd respectively.

'Network Enabled Capability' project developed by ASELSAN proved its cat from NATO's EURASIAN STAR'19 exercise

The EURASIAN STAR (EAST) 2019 Exercise was carried out with the participation of a total of 3 staff from nineteen headquarters, national institutions and international organizations in Istanbul, together with the NATO Command and Force Structure.

In the EAST-2019 exercise, in order to create the tactical situation and reflect the current situation throughout the exercise, it was reported that the Supreme Battalion Command Control System (TÜKKS / TACCIS) software developed by ASELSAN within the scope of the Network Supported Capability (ADY) Project was successfully used.

Within the scope of the ADY Project, EAST-2019 studies started with the installation of TÜKKS / TACCIS software on September 30, 2019. Intensive staff support was provided for installation, trainer and user training, data entry before the exercise and execution of the exercise. In the meantime, feedback from trainers, installers and user personnel was taken and necessary work was carried out to successfully complete the exercise.

EAST-2019 exercise was successfully completed with the TÜKKS / TACCIS software for the purpose of meeting the needs of the Turkish Armed Forces ten months before the ADY Project delivery.

Source: defenceturk

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