Tips for the Most Accurate Use of Winter Tires from Pirelli

Tips for the best use of Pirellid winter tires
Tips for the best use of Pirellid winter tires

Pirelli has shared suggestions that offer drivers tips for using winter tires in the most correct way, now that the winter season is beginning to make itself felt. The company also conveyed to customers the hygiene measures taken at authorized dealers during the tire change period.

It is of great importance that both the tire change and winter maintenance of the cars are at the door of the winter season. When the air temperature drops below 7 ┬░ C, winter tires reduce the braking distance by 10% in wet conditions and 20% in snow compared to summer tires. Winter tires, specially designed for low temperatures in winter environments where air temperatures decrease, roads are wet or snowy or the ground is dry, provides greater safety compared to summer tires. While the grip of summer tires decreases at low temperatures, winter tires guarantee maximum grip thanks to their special compounds for this purpose. The tread patterns used in winter tires provide high drainage in order to prevent the risk of aquaplaning.

Be sure to monitor tire pressure in cold weather

So how do tire pressures need to be adjusted when the weather is cold? When the weather is cold, tire pressure tends to decrease physiologically. For example, the pressure of a tire with a pressure of 20 Psi at 2 ┬░ C will drop to 0 Psi when the air is 1.8 ┬░ C. Therefore, you should check the tire pressure more often than in other seasons and always follow the manufacturer's recommendations. Do not try to lower the tire arbitrarily to increase grip; this practice will definitely not work with modern tires. Also remember: if you inflate your tires in a hot environment, you should add 0.2 Psi to the recommended value in the owner's manual, taking into account colder outdoor conditions. To ensure that the heat generated while driving does not change the pressure, the pressure in cold weather conditions should preferably be measured at least 30 minutes after the vehicle is used. Winter tire pressure should be checked at least once a month, not just after impact (such as tire impact).

You should also check the spare wheel (must be inflated to the correct pressure), the tire repair and inflation kit (ready to use). We recommend that you take this advice into consideration if you are stuck on a mountainside in snowy weather or away from the service.

Pirelli Authorized Dealers constantly improve themselves through regular training

Pirelli continues all the trainings of its Authorized Dealers on both product and technology and pandemic processes online. While a video with helpful information was released to help Authorized Dealers make their stores a place where drivers feel safe at all times, this information was transferred to Pirelli's entire dealer network, and this information is expanded with new measures designed to ensure that drivers feel completely safe when changing tires.

Offering various initiatives to help Authorized Dealers meet their obligations to provide safe service to their customers, Pirelli has compiled a number of recommendations to assist in reorganizing service centers and creating a hygienic environment. These measures taken in parallel and in accordance with the measures announced by the Ministry of Health regarding Covid-19 are summarized in a short film for the dealer network. These processes include various measures, from a new arrangement of work areas to a certain number of people in waiting areas. As part of the increased use of digital tools, new online appointment systems are also explained to encourage customers for contactless payment. In addition, hygiene rules (hand washing, temperature measurement, use of gloves and masks, etc.) that employees must apply throughout the day are also provided.

Pirelli's wide range of winter tires meets all drivers' needs

Designed to provide a consistent and high-quality driving experience in all harsh weather conditions below +7 degrees, Pirelli Winter Tires meet the needs of drivers from passenger to 4 ├Ś 4 in all conditions, including off-road. Pirelli offers the most advanced technologies with its Run Flat tires that can move even if it bursts, Sealinside tires that can repair itself with a waxy layer, and its product range with Noise Canceling System - PNCS. Pirelli authorized dealers are regularly informed by sales and training teams about the wide range of products and innovations created for the winter season. Pirelli offers a wide range of products, from sports cars to luxury sedans, urban cars, tires used in harsh winter conditions and motor sports. Pirelli also continues to offer its customers winter tires and light commercial vehicle winter tires designed for SUV-4 ├Ś 4s.

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