For a Livable Fikirtepe, Ministry Branches Rolled Out

The ministry will make my turn in Fikirtepe
The ministry will make my turn in Fikirtepe

Environment and Urban Planning Minister Murat Kurum announced that the transformation projects that were left unfinished or not started in Istanbul Fikirtepe will be carried out in cooperation with the Ministry, TOKI and Emlak Konut.

Stating that, upon the instruction of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the state has put its hands under responsibility in order to remember Fikirtepe as an exemplary urban success rather than an abandoned place, Minister Kurum said, "We have now determined our road map and we are carrying out our process in a way that will be flesh and bone. said.

The Institution met with the representatives of the beneficiaries in Fikirtepe and stated that Fikirtepe has become a residential area in the center of Istanbul, and that the region was designated as an "urban transformation area" in 2007, and then the "Fikirtepe and its Vicinity Implementation Zoning Plan" He explained that the first steps of their projects were taken with contracts between private affiliates and owners in the process.

Mentioning that the foundations were laid on some building blocks in the area, but the constructions did not continue, the Authority said:

“In some places, the necessary infrastructure service cannot be provided due to the buildings that do not collapse in the vicinity of the finished areas. Roads and infrastructure cannot be built within this scope. Life has begun on some of the project islands that have a settlement license, but our people, citizens and neighbors cannot see them. Contracts were made in many places, but the desired level of construction could not be started for certain reasons or even if it was started, the desired level of progress could not be achieved. There were many reasons why Fikirtepe came to this situation and weakened the transformation process. Due to the fact that the region was one of the first examples of urban transformation, there were problems due to technical, legal and financial problems. We were faced with many problems such as a group requesting more flats or workplaces than they deserve, price increases caused by some contractors competing with each other for the same area, and our citizens signing contracts with more than one contractor in the same island and parcel. "

A Livable Fikirtepe!

Stating that the institution knows the entire history of Fikirtepe closely, “We have carried out comprehensive studies to prevent all kinds of negativity, injustice and injustice with the information we received from the field. First of all, we have set forth the goal of a livable Fikirtepe with modern and robust buildings, transportation facilities and social facilities that combine green and building. We thought and designed this goal multi-dimensionally. First, we took revolutionary steps in legislation. In order to overcome all blocked transformation processes in our country, in order to overcome the problems in Fikirtepe, we gave our citizens the right to terminate the contract with the contractor who did not do their job unilaterally. We paved the way for our ministry to apply ex officio to places of urgency. " he spoke.

New Slots Will Be Ready In 3 Years

Stating that hundreds of contract termination applications were made to the Ministry by the beneficiaries in 7 project islands in Fikirtepe, the Authority continued as follows:

“With the instructions of our President, our state has taken responsibility for the idea that Fikirtepe is no longer an abandoned place, but an exemplary urban success. We have now determined our roadmap and we are carrying out our process in a way to be flesh and blood. As the ministry, we are entering the construction process of the constructions with the hands of TOKI Presidency and Emlak Konut, in the face of the support requests regarding the construction, construction and process that our citizens are hoping for. At this point, we will carry out the entire process under our Infrastructure and Urban Transformation General Directorate, and we will carry out the applications by our General Directorate of Emlak Konut. As of today, we will receive guarantees from companies that have started their business in 40 building blocks, some of which have started their business, some of them unfinished, and we will give them a period of 1 month. If they do not start the projects within 1 month, as the Ministry, we will start the projects that have actually started and are still under construction, and hopefully, we will gradually deliver your new homes and solid residences to you within 3 years. We will suspend the new plans in December by revising the plans of the islands that have never started, have not made any agreements, have not signed contracts, and have not been destroyed. I hope we will complete it with the implementation in January and then start the demolition process. The tender process will go simultaneously and hopefully we will hold the tenders as of January and actually start the construction in February and March at the latest. We will build your residences with state guarantee. Mr.President, "Our brothers from Fikirtepe, our citizens should not be victimized and we, as the state, should do what needs to be done quickly and rapidly, and let us build the new Fikirtepe with its infrastructure, social equipment and all its needs and deliver it to our citizens." they gave instructions. "

1,5 Million Square Meters Construction Area

The Ministry of Environment and Urbanization, the Institution, said, “We will initiate projects that have been abandoned, not built, whose foundations have been laid but are not continuing. The investment value of the New Fikirtepe Project, which directly concerns 60 thousand citizens, will be approximately 5 billion Turkish lira, and we will hopefully start the project, which covers a construction area of ​​1,5 million square meters, and deliver it to our citizens in stages. " said.

Noting that it is waiting for the demolition process of 5 thousand houses in the area, the Authority said, “First of all, we will have started the construction of 15 thousand new houses - some of which were built among 15 thousand houses - with all the infrastructure in the area. Our project information office will serve for 10 days. In the same process, our Ministry will be providing rent subsidies within the body of our Ministry of Infrastructure and Urban Transformation General Directorate in the projects we have started and run. " he spoke.

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