Driverless Taxi Service Launched in Beijing

robot taxi apollo in the streets of beijing
robot taxi apollo in the streets of beijing

China's internet giant Baidu has implemented the Apollo Go Robotaxi driverless taxi service in the capital Beijing. Thus, Baidu became the first company in the capital to transport passengers by autonomous vehicles. It has been reported that 40 Apollo vehicles are currently serving in Beijing, and the service network has reached approximately 700 kilometers.

There are about 100 stations owned by the company in the Beijing neighborhoods and industrial and financial districts. A robot taxi can be called for free through Baidu's GPS application or Apollo Go application. On the screen on the front panel of the vehicle, it is possible to see the start and end points of the journey and the distance to be traveled.

Passengers can choose their own route

After the vehicle enters the driving lane, information such as the speed of the vehicle and the road speed limit can be seen on the screen. While robot taxis are now being used without any problems, the absence of jolts while driving is also considered an advantage in terms of comfort.

However, it still takes time for Apollo to reach perfection. Experts think the vehicle's lane change and speed adjustment functions need to be improved. The vehicle is still in service with a security guard who can intervene in emergencies.

Robot taxi service is generally provided in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. The area in question is also known as the world's largest autonomous driving base.

Baidu's unmanned taxis, which were previously used in Changsha and Cangzhou, China, have carried more than 100 passengers as part of trial operations since last year.

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