Work Permits for Foreigners in Turkey Begun to Be Finalized

Work Permits for Foreigners in Turkey Begun to Be Finalized
Work Permits for Foreigners in Turkey Begun to Be Finalized

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk reported that the work permits for foreign nationals residing within the country have started to be finalized as part of the normalization process.

Stating that a total of 2019 thousand 145 work permits were issued as of 231, Minister Selçuk stated that employers and foreigners were asked to commit to the Science Committee's decisions in order to comply with the rules introduced in the fight against the epidemic recently.

Providing details of the process for foreigners to obtain a work permit, Minister Selçuk stated that foreigners holding a residence permit with a total duration of at least 6 months can apply, and foreigners who do not have a valid residence permit in our country can apply through the Republic of Turkey representative offices.

Stating that the work permit was granted as a result of meeting certain criteria, Minister Selçuk said, "The criteria can differ depending on the nature or status of the workplace as well as the nature of the foreigner, the work to be done, and the sector."

5 Turkish Citizens Need to be Employed for Each Foreign Employee

Selçuk said that at least 5 Turkish citizens should be employed for each foreign employee in the workplace where foreign work permit is requested in order to encourage the employment of the local workforce.

Expressing that our emphasis is given to our citizens as much as possible in finding qualified workforce, Minister Selçuk pointed out that foreign citizens are given a work permit if needed.

Noting that the regulations made in occupational health and safety are applied to everyone regardless of domestic and foreign workforce, Minister Selçuk shared the information that the necessary actions were taken by the inspection units, and that he was sensitive to work in accordance with the occupational health and safety conditions and received a work permit.

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