Microsoft's New Generation hololens 2 glasses, the man and the First Time in Turkey were used Techniques

What hololens microsoftun new gozlug the ins technique was used for the first time turkiyede
What hololens microsoftun new gozlug the ins technique was used for the first time turkiyede

Gas shock absorbers industry leader in Turkey, among the global players in the world and man Technical, scored a first in Turkey. World giant Microsoft hololens 2 glasses were used for the first time in man and Technical site in Turkey.

Making a statement on the subject, Insu Teknik General Manager Ali Hakan Süalp said that they have been acting in the framework of continuous development and innovative understanding since the day they were founded. Stating that they produce their products with the latest technology, Süalp said, “We keep up with the rapidly changing new world order with innovative approaches that focus R&D. We follow the latest technology closely to achieve sustainable growth and ensure its continuity, and we take innovative works as a basis in every stage of our production. ”

In this context, the world giant Microsoft hololens man and two glasses for the first time in Turkey, voicing Süalp used in the technical structure, such practices said they were happy to implement within the company.

A new vision for informatics

Stating that Microsoft HoloLens 2 is a device designed for business / corporate areas, Süalp said, “A new vision for product computing. With the rapid development of technology; Today, technologies such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (Augmented Reality (AR)) and mixed reality (Mixed Reality (MR)) provide people with different experiences. Hololens, Microsoft's virtual reality project, is one of the most up-to-date technologies. We do not use Microsoft's first brush with the highest degree of mixed reality device hololens 2 glasses in Turkey. For this reason, we are very happy. ”

Making a difference is very proud

"From now on, with this technology, we will have the opportunity to monitor our production processes full time," said Süalp. "By applying this technology within our structure, we will accelerate our digital transformation even more. With the application that combines augmented reality, virtual reality and hologram technologies, our business ways will change. It is very proud to talk about our name with such technological developments and to make a difference between our competitors. ”

Underlining that they will continue to follow the latest technological developments closely, Süalp said that they will further develop their products and realize the studies where information and technology are at the forefront.

Günceleme: 09/07/2020 13:33

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