Blue Flag and Orange Circle Certificate for Çeşme Ilıca Beach

cesme ilica beach blue flag and orange circle certificate
cesme ilica beach blue flag and orange circle certificate

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has determined its priority in tourism as safety and hygiene due to the pandemic, Mavi Bayraklı continues to increase the number of beaches and Orange Circle businesses. Ilıca Beach Cafe in Çeşme Ilıca Beach is included in the Orange Circle. The beach will receive the Blue Flag certificate with a ceremony tomorrow.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has determined the priority of Izmir's tourism as security and hygiene as well as historical and cultural values, continues its Blue Flag and Orange Circle activities simultaneously. İzmir deserves to be awarded the Blue Flag this year. kazanOne of the five public beaches, Çeşme Ilıca Beach will raise the Blue Flag with a ceremony tomorrow. Ilıca Beach Cafe on the beach was included in the Orange Circle by fulfilling the hygiene criteria.

Operated by Çeştur, a subsidiary of Çeşme Municipality, Ilıca Beach Cafe is entitled to receive the Orange Circle certificate as a result of the evaluation team formed by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and Çeşme Municipality. kazanwas. Seyir Cafe, Kale Cafe, Meydan Cafe, Tekke Restaurant and Şifne Thermal Hotel owned by Çeştur were also included in the Orange Circle after passing the evaluations. The Metropolitan Municipality aims to expand its double certificate studies to meet the health and safety criteria both on the beaches and in the cafes and restaurants.

Blue in Izmir Bayraklı public beaches are increasing

The Blue Flag Coordination Unit, which was established in November 2019 within the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, started its work. As a result of the coordination work carried out by the unit, the new blue bayraklı beaches established and blue with international guarantee bayraklı The number of beaches increased to 52 in İzmir. Blue for the first time this year bayraklı Five public beaches that will serve as: Çeşme - Ilıca Public Beach, Güzelbahçe - II. Liman Public Beach, Urla - Blue Beach, Urla - TCDD Urla Education and Recreation Facilities and Urla - Çamlıçay Public Beach.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality pioneered the formation of the Tourism Hygiene Board in order to ensure that tourism activities can continue in a healthy way during the global epidemic; also in November 2019 blue in the city bayraklı To increase the number of public beaches Blue Flag for the first time in Turkey had established a Coordination Unit.

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