Audi will meet the energy needs of the house from the car

If the car can be charged from home, the home is also charged from the car.
If the car can be charged from home, the home is also charged from the car.

Audi and energy management and distribution company Hager Group have partnered to use e-tron models as an energy transport and energy transfer vehicle. According to the forecasts of the two institutions, e-tron models can open the energy they store in their batteries with a double-sided charging system (bidirectional charging). According to the researchers, a fully charged Audi e-tron can meet the energy requirement of a household for 1 week.

As the demand for electric cars increases worldwide, demand for energy storage, especially mobile, and creative solutions is increasing. Considering that the supply and demand of electric cars will increase exponentially in the future, it is necessary to use energy storage systems and capacities wisely. Offering Audi and energy management and distribution solutions, the Hager Group began a project to adapt Audi's electric car family e-trons to the bidirectional charging system.

Martin Dehm, Director of Technical Project Manager of Audi AG Double-Sided Charging Systems, explains the cooperation as follows; “Electromobility brings the automotive industry and the energy industry closer together than ever before. The battery of an Audi e-tron alone can meet the 1 week electrical energy requirement of an average household. In the future, we think to open this potential to everyone and that electric cars can be an active part of the energy transfer chain. Electric cars can be wheeled energy storage vehicles ”

In fact, the idea is very simple: While the battery of an electric car can be charged quickly with the energy system installed at home, why not give the energy back to the vehicle's battery back home? In cases where the user gets electrical energy with solar energy, the electric car can also be used as a battery that stores this energy. Thus, in closed weather without sun rays, the energy stored in the car can be opened to the use of the house.

However, no matter how simple the idea is, high technological know-how and many different technical units have to work in coordination with the infrastructure systems. Researchers are using an e-tron charging unit to be used in mass production in their projects in the near future.


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