Sacrifice Guide from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry

Victim guide from the ministry of agriculture and forestry
Victim guide from the ministry of agriculture and forestry

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry has published a “victim guide” to guide victims before the coming Feast of Sacrifice.

The updated guide includes information on the issues to be considered in the transportation, purchase, sale and slaughter of animals and the “HaySag-Animal Health and Welfare” mobile application.

According to the guide, which contains information on the apparent appearance of healthy animals, the characteristics of the victims and the age determination, the sheep and goat must be one, the cattle and the mandate must be two years old, and the camel must be five. The sheep, who have completed six months, can also be sacrificed if they are as flashy as if they were over one year old.

In the guide highlighted the issues to be considered in the selection of sacrifice, it was emphasized that it is important to check whether there are cattle and buffalo, sheep and goat's earrings. The guide made the following suggestions:

“There shouldn't be very weak, pregnant or newly born animals. The hair of the animal should be smooth and shiny, and its gaze and appearance should be alive. It should not have high fever, saliva and runny eye. There should be no stinky diarrhea and runny nose. Should not experience cough and shortness of breath. It should not be overly reactive or too insensitive to the environment. The wound should not have swelling and edema. Male animals should be preferred as victims in terms of continuity of animal existence. ”

The guide includes detailed information on sacrificial cutting, skinning and salting, carcass rupture, removal of internal organs and rest and preservation of meat before consumption.

In the guide, which stated that the sacrifices should be cut in approved and designated places, it was requested not to make sacrifices in public areas such as streets, streets and parks.

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