Domestic Daily Flight Schedules in China Exceeded 13 Thousand

The number of domestic flights per day has passed
The number of domestic flights per day has passed

The Chinese Civil Aviation Agency announced on Friday (July 24th) that its daily flight number has continued to keep up with its normal level of activity, as the number of flights has increased since the outbreak of the COVID-19 and reached a record number on Thursday.

The number of civil aviation flights reached 23 thousand 13 on Thursday, July 59, reaching 19 percent of the level before the COVID-80 outbreak. On the same day, the number of daily plane passengers reached 1,27 million; this corresponds to about 70 percent of the number of passengers in the same period last year.

Travel through Chinese air traffic has been increasing from month to month since February. As a matter of fact, the civil aviation sector reported the average daily number of flights as 10 820 in June. This means an increase of 14,1 percent compared to May.

Hibya News Agency

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