Discharges of Mehmetçiks who have completed their Homeland Mission have Begun

The discharges of the Mehmets who completed their national duty started
The discharges of the Mehmets who completed their national duty started

Today, Mehmetçikler started to be discharged in the measures taken within the scope of combating the COVID-19 outbreak.

Within the scope of the normalization works initiated in accordance with the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the first detailed departure examinations were made 14 days ago, that is, on May 18. Mehmetçikler, whose first departure examinations were carried out, were taken under surveillance in the places deemed appropriate by the commanders of the union. At the end of all this inspection and surveillance process, the second detailed examination of the privates and soldiers who will be discharged today was made. As a result of the examinations, Mehmetçikler, who will be discharged, have not been observed any symptoms, whereas those whose health examinations have been completed started as of today. The personnel who were discharged were given the necessary information to keep them under surveillance at home for 14 days, and they were also provided to fill in the form.


Mehmetçikler, who did not detect any signs of COVID-19, started to be discharged from the barracks in a controlled manner within the scope of the measures taken against the COVID-19 virus, especially the social distance rule. All vehicles were disinfected and cleaned before the transfer. While the Mehmetçikler mask, including the driver using the bus, wears a mask, these masks will be replaced with a new mask every 3 hours during the trip. On the buses, one seat was left empty for each passenger. The buses will not take a break anywhere during the journey, the discharged staff will eat their meals from the food on the bus. Thus, Mehmetçikler, who come out of their barracks in a healthy way, will be delivered to their families in a healthy way without touching any place.

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