Flights to Russia Restarted

Russia and the flights started again
Russia and the flights started again

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu, has announced that Turkey's economic and political relations that the multi-dimensional agreed to restart the interrupted flights due to the pandemic with Russia.

Karaismailoğlu said in a statement that the two countries have agreed to restart flights to Russia and abroad as of today.

Reminding that international flights were launched as of June 19 after the international flights were stopped due to the Kovid-11 measures, Karaismailoğlu said, “As of June 11, we started flights with 31 countries on our international flights that we restarted. As of today, we have agreed to launch flights with Russia. ” used expressions.

“We have multi-dimensional economic relations”

It draws attention to the existence of multi-dimensional economic relations between Russia and Turkey Karaismailoğlu Ministers shared the following information:

"Within the framework of agreements between the Russian Federation of Turkish carriers in Russia in 2019 18 points weekly 253 frequency, the Russian carrier on the 7-point weekly 127 frequency once in order to perform izinlendirilmişti.2019 year in Turkey tourism statistics in the Russian Federation with 7 million 17 thousand 657 visitors 1 It is in the 'th place.'

Ministers Karaismailoğlu, a significant increase in the number of Russian tourists visiting Turkey was also underlined by the resumption of flights would occur.

International flights to 32 countries

After the flights with 11 countries as of June 31, when the international flights were launched, negotiations were continuing about the mutual launch of flights with 20 countries. The number of countries in which Russia started to travel between these countries and then abroad has increased to 32.

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