Rising Sales in Second-Hand Vehicles Increased the Need for Expertise

used vehicles in the vehicle increased the need for expertise
used vehicles in the vehicle increased the need for expertise

According to the data released by TURKSTAT, the number of used car sales exceeded 2020 million in the first quarter of 2. The second hand online automotive market grew by 2 percent compared to the previous year. Increased sales figures brought with it the need for expertise in the used vehicle. Due to the high rate of error that consumers may encounter, experts warn buyers to receive service from corporate companies that have received a Service Competence Certificate from TSE.

Speaking at the opening of the second branch held in Bursa Osmangazi, TÜV SÜD D-Expert, one of the companies providing international vehicle expertise services to corporate companies and buyers, said Ozan Ayözger, '' With the intensity experienced recently, customers need companies that they can trust. day by day it is increasing more. Since detailed information about the current condition of the vehicle is included in the used vehicle appraisal report, buyers can buy their vehicles safely. As TÜV SÜD D-Expert, we aim to ensure transparency and trust in our industry with our products that we have created and pioneered by prioritizing customer demands. '' said.

Turkey's automotive sector, which is among the leading sectors, the share of second-hand vehicle sales continues to rise. Second-hand car trade covers most of the industry in terms of both numerical and functional issues.

In the new period, which started with the expertise requirement, expertise centers continue to be an integral part of the automotive sector, while companies' efforts to invest and branch continue rapidly.

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