What New Regulation Brought to Buy Second Hand Vehicles What Added to Expertise Sector?

What is the new regulation brought to the second-hand automobile appraisal sector
What is the new regulation brought to the second-hand automobile appraisal sector

As of April 2019, it has become mandatory to add the authorized expert center report to the documents required for the purchase and sale of used vehicles. The expectation of the citizens from the regulation, which also included amendments to the expertise standards, was to increase expertise reliability.

What has added to the Expertise Sector after the New Regulation?

1 In April, three months have passed since the trade regulation for second-hand motor vehicles. Did the regulations in the sector revive the used car market? Ozan Ayozger, Assistant General Manager of TÜV SÜD D-Expert, one of the leading companies in the sector, stated that the first step was taken on the way of institutionalization after the new regulation brought in April, 1 said: increased confidence in serving firms, second-hand trade also affected positively, '' he said.

If you evaluate the three-month period passed by the new regulation, what has changed in the sector?

Thanks to the regulation, the institutionalization process in the sector has begun with the establishment of the standards for opening the expertise center. In the continuation of this important step, the institutionalization process in the sector will be completed to a great extent with the establishment of audit standards for the expertise centers holding Service Competency Certificates, regular inspection of the expertise centers in the light of the established standards and the introduction of criminal sanctions against the negativities encountered as a result of these audits.

Are there still companies in the sector that do not meet the required standards?

There are many small and large scale companies and brands in our sector, so the need of the consumers who want to get second hand vehicle appraisal service to the companies like us, providing quality, impartial and independent service has increased. In the automobile sector, it is of utmost importance to obtain services from companies that have obtained TSE's Qualification Certificate due to the high error rate that consumers may encounter in companies providing second-hand vehicle expertise without history and experience. I recommend that people who want to buy second-hand vehicles and make an appraisal check the companies having the Service Competency Certificate by checking the TSE website.

What is waiting for the companies that do not meet the required standards?

I can say that in a year when the reflections of the regulation can be observed clearly, it will be advantageous for the companies that progress with institutionalization in the sector. By registering the quality of service, I believe that those who provide confidence will continue their way by strengthening.

Will the trust between buyer and seller be ensured with the new regulation?

After the regulation, the expertise sector is on the way to becoming a sector where transparency is dominant for both buyers and sellers. Since its inception, has presence in the sector with institutional structures TÜV SÜD audit of the D-Expert on each branch, the power of 150 years of safety, the area of ​​quality and sustainability experience and Turkey, one of the leading organizations is carried out by TÜV SÜD. In this way, our brand provides an environment of trust to its customers since the first day of its journey in the sector and offers independent and impartial service they deserve.

Can you tell us about your current applications for buyers?

Since the day we were first established, we have been working to carry our service to the highest levels and to be a pioneer in the sector. For this purpose, in addition to expanding our service network and product range, we also make improvements in order to serve our customers in the fastest way. Thanks to the latest improvements we make in our appointment system, our customers can choose the appropriate day, hour, location and packages quickly and complete their transactions without waiting in line at our branches.

In addition to the appraisal packages that we understand and formulate the needs of our customers in the most accurate way, thanks to our Guarantee Extension Packages, the damages that will occur in the guaranteed vehicles after the appraisal are covered without any upper limit within the scope period.

Thanks to the cooperation we will start with insalaladim.com very soon, our customers will be able to get traffic insurance and automobile insurance offers from different insurance companies of 21 and will be able to instantly purchase the most appropriate policy by installments. As we approach our goal of becoming a point of trust in our sector every day, we can also herald that our surprises will continue to facilitate the works of used car buyers.

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