Security to Security Local Communication System in Marmaray

domestic communication system started to be used in marmaray
domestic communication system started to be used in marmaray

Noyan Dede, the General Manager of ONUR Mühendislik AŞ, which produces the communication and recording systems used in the command and control centers of Marmaray, which provides a significant convenience in transportation by combining the Bosphorus under the sea, and the “OTC-IP2000 Voice Communication System, which they designed and produced as a result of intensive research and development activities with domestic engineers. He explained that "was started to be used in Marmaray.

Stating that the system, which is at the heart of the train and metro operation management and also called the “Dispatcher System”, has the title of being the first domestic solution in this field, Dede said, “Currently; In the management of all operations at two control centers and 43 stations in Marmaray, with the system used by 90 operators, operators can communicate with other operators, trains, support teams and station control staff simultaneously using wired communication channels and radio systems. In addition, while station and train internal announcements, emergency calls and some basic systems on trains and passenger information boards can be managed, it can be followed in instant information about the train. ”

Stating that the local communication system cost the public about 70 percent cheaper than its foreign counterparts, Dede said, “At the same time, all the knowledge and technology created remained in our country.” Explaining that there are also negotiations with some countries for the export of the communication system, Dede said that their negotiations continue to spread the product outside Marmaray domestically.


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