Social Distance Tram Designed in Italy

social distance tram was designed in Italy
social distance tram was designed in Italy

In Italy, Arturo Tedeschi Architects designed the futuristic social distance tram called Passerella with the famous designer Lorenzo Pio Cocco.

This special tram designed for Milan, Italy carries the lines of the city's historic 1503 tram.

The passenger part of the tram, equipped with the latest technology, looks like a runway. In the tram with geometric shapes, the seating areas are separated from each other by plexiglass glass. The tram with rounded flats on the floor warns passengers when they are out of this area.

The upper roof of the tram also has a different design. This is because of the architectural structure of the city of Milan, the upper part of the trams can be seen from the balcony of the apartments. Ads on the tram will also be shown with a digital system.

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