Bald ibis breeds with new puppies

Bald ibis breeds with new offspring
Bald ibis breeds with new offspring

While the bald ibis, which came out of the egg, were reflected on the cameras under their mothers' protection, the first nutritional efforts to hold on to life revealed squares that warmed the person.

The new offspring began to hatch at the Şanlıurfa Birecik Kelaynak Breeding Station, which operates under the General Directorate of Nature Conservation and National Parks (DKMP) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.

except faced with extinction and Turkey more than just two countries (Syria, Morocco) who are living on the bald ibises, DCM tightly guarded as a result of work carried out by the General Directorate.

This number reached 1977 as a result of the production studies that started with 2 adults and 9 puppies in 244 in Birecik. The new offspring of bald ibis that were left to the nature to spend their breeding periods last February started to hatch and the first images of these offspring were recorded by the staff of the DKMP.

Around 50 puppies are expected this year at Birecik Kelaynak Breeding Station, where all of the offspring will hatch in the coming days.

Bald ibis are known to be "monogamous" and bring about 1 to 3 fry per year. One of the most important features of these birds is that they are very loyal to their partner. It was observed that some bald ibis, whose husbands died, also stopped eating or choosing to die by leaving themselves down the rocks.

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