Applications for the Fine Arts Aptitude Exam have started

Fine arts talent exam applications started
Fine arts talent exam applications started

Turkey with 87 overall in the 85th grade high school sports to fine arts 9, 13 thousand 620 students will be placed with a special aptitude test. Young people who think that they have a talent for sports, art or music, other than placements according to the result of the central examination or address within the scope of LGS, will be able to choose to study in these high schools.

Turkey with a special aptitude test on the 87th grade 85 high school sports and fine arts in general in the 9 to 13 thousand 620 students will be placed.

Anatolian technical programs of science high schools, Anatolian high schools, social sciences high schools, educational institutions implementing projects, and vocational and technical Anatolian high schools will receive students with a central examination score within the scope of the Transition to High Schools (LGS) on June 20. In placement without examination, the registration of the students closest to their residence will be made according to their preferences.

Apart from the central examination or address-based placement option within the scope of LGS, which will be held on June 20, students who have the ability of sports, art or music will be able to apply until June 29 for registration to the fine arts and sports high schools affiliated to the Ministry of Education.

The number of fine arts high schools, which was 83 last year, was increased to 87 this year, and its quotas increased from 5 thousand to 910 thousand by 330 thousand 6.

In sports high schools, the number of schools last year increased from 78 to 85, and their quotas increased from 6 thousand 240 to 1140 with an increase of 7 380.

Thus, in general in Turkey 87 85 fine arts high school sports to be placed in the 9th grade exam 13 thousand 620 students with special talents. Apart from these quotas, 2 thousand 580 quotas have been opened for Anatolian imam hatip high schools, which practice music, memory, traditional and contemporary visual arts and sports programs.

Talent exams will be held in July

Since the secondary school achievement score to be used in students' placements will be calculated by taking the arithmetic average of the year-end achievement scores taken at the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th grade levels, the LGS central exam scores of these students will not be taken into consideration in the aptitude exams.

In the aptitude test, among those who score 50 or more, 70 percent of the aptitude test and 30 percent of the secondary school success score will be evaluated and ranked according to the score superiority over 100 full points.

Applications for the aptitude test will be made individually through the e-School System from today until June 29. Talent exams are scheduled for July 1-10.

Students will learn the results via the e-School System on July 13. The school where he took the aptitude test kazanUnsuccessful candidates will be able to apply for additional placement on 5-10 August for a maximum of 13 schools without taking the aptitude test again for other schools with vacant quotas.

Students with special educational needs will also be able to apply

Full-time integration, integration with special needs of education will be trained and valid disability health board report and special education evaluation board report for secondary education level or the candidates who own it will be ranked among themselves by taking the skill and talent exam.

Qualified students are trained in the field of sports

In sports high schools, students learn basic knowledge and skills in the field of physical education and sports. kazanEducation and training activities are carried out to train qualified people in this field.

In talent exams conducted through commissions to enter these high schools, students are evaluated based on criteria such as flexibility, endurance and coordination, quickness and speed, strength, rhythm, sports history, and team achievements.

Talented students with national and international degrees in team sports are given more points than the determined criteria.

The title of national athlete studying in the 9th and 10th grades of secondary education institutions kazanAs a result of the evaluation to be made by the relevant school teachers, without the establishment of a talent commission, on the condition that the students registered in the Turkish Olympic preparation centers and athlete training centers and document their status, transfers to the schools will be made between October 1 and December 31, using two quotas on each branch basis.

Over 35 talented students study

16 thousand 315 students, 18 thousand 896 in fine arts high schools and 35 thousand 211 in sports high schools, are studying.

While 7 thousand 65 students are expected to graduate this year, a new 13 percent increase in capacity will be achieved in 620 years with 4 students to be admitted.

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