Minister of Health Husband Said 'The Epidemic is Under Control and Warned'

If we take our social life under control, we will see good days
If we take our social life under control, we will see good days

Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca made statements after the coronavirus scientific committee meeting with video conferencing.

Ministers husband, said in a statement, followed by strategy since the beginning of the epidemic, with innovation and measures in the treatment of Turkey is on the agenda of the world community, he said.

He said that it is a short time in the fight against such an epidemic disease in 198 countries, which has threatened life, 4 million 373 thousand people have been caught up to date, has caused the death of 294 thousand people, the economy is very strong, and that brings the social order in countries with high standards of life.

“Coronavirus is the global epidemic of the global world”

Noting that the epidemic was the first global scale event in which most people died for the same reason after World War II, Koca said, “Humanity has never encountered such an epidemic that surrounds the world at the same time. Coronavirus is the global outbreak of the global world. The epidemic forces us to limit the movement, to be isolated, to touch less, to live in a controlled manner. ”

Yesterday Minister of Turkey daily coronavirus table evaluating husband, "was a painting that much better than the old days. Our number of recovered patients reached 70 percent of our total number of patients. As a number, 141 thousand 475 of our 98 thousand 889 patients recovered. Although our daily test capacity has reached 50 thousand, the need for testing at this level does not arise because the disease has now declined. In the tests performed, the positivity rate decreases regularly. ”

“Steady improvement”

Stating that the radiation and the treatment completed after 10 March, Minister Koca said, “In the first 4 weeks, we changed the course of the event by 83 million. On April 11, 33 thousand 170 people were tested and 5 diagnoses were made. This was the date when the number of cases was highest. On April 138, the number of daily tests increased to 29 thousand 43. Despite the increase in the test, the number of new patients decreased. We are in a steady recovery from the 498th week of the outbreak. Under the current circumstances, the epidemic is under control. ”

“If we give the virus an opportunity, it is possible to return to 1 month ago”

Underlining that it is dangerous to think that all of the people carrying the virus are isolated in hospitals or at home, Koca said, “The virus will continue to exist in this society for a period of time that we cannot fully know. The virus will be on the move in the world. ”

“It is a risk to get into the crowd without caution”

Expressing that some daily enthusiasm and concessions can be met as “Get this much”, Koca said, “We are in a pandemic process. It is a risk to suspend the rules that will allow us to be protected from the virus, to enter the shopping queue, to interfere with the crowd of the marketplace, ”he warned.

“The world is not the world before Wuhan”

Husband Minister of Turkey said that the world and the second period of the struggle ahead, "Come, we point so promising that industrial zones, to protect the health of employees, we are opening test laboratory to prevent contamination. We develop measures and rules for pandemic risk management to workplaces. As the Ministry, we create the health standards required by the new life. We all know that the process is not a typical normalization. The old days are not fully returning. The epidemic brought a way of life and showed what was possible. Meetings of big institutions are held with video conferences. Governments meet in the same way and make big decisions about their country. This world is not the world before Wuhan. ”

'Hayat Eve Sığar' user reached 10 million

Noting that the Controlled Social Life for everyone as an individual is essentially a mask + social distance, he said:

“Controlled Social Life also means staying away from risky environments and organizing our daily life in a way that minimizes risk. The successful implementation of controlled social life depends on the contributions of the institutions we will call the other side of the social organization and the measures they will take. ”

Explaining that 'Hayat Eve Sığar', the mobile application that is facilitating, free and easily downloaded from the internet, informs about possible risks and provides guidance against the risk, as of today, its user has reached 10 million.

Stating that the Controlled Social Life period is a period in which the measures will be applied not only individually but in social unity, Koca said, “Let's definitely follow the mask and distance rule. Let's warn those who stretch these measures or act as if there is no risk. We must encourage our institutions and even develop our proposals. Controlled Social Life is a life in which responsibility is shared in the fight against the epidemic. In the fight against Corona, what we need to ensure at this point is strong stability. KazanWith the experiences we have gained, we are now more meticulous and assertive in our work. We got the epidemic under control. If we take control of our social life, we will see good days. Beautiful, sunny days,” he said.

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