How to Get HES Code via SMS? How to Get HES Code?

How to get the hes code via sms What is the account code sharing time
How to get the hes code via sms What is the account code sharing time

How to get Hayat Eve Sığar HEPP code via SMS? How many days is the HES code valid? As it is known, intercity travel ban has been lifted. However, over 65 years of age, they need to get an HEPP code to be able to travel between cities. How to get HES code via SMS? What is HES code sharing time?

In the past weeks, Health Minister Koca stated that travels can now be made with the HEPP code, Life Fits Home He informed that with a feature that will come to the mobile application, that the passengers will be accepted to domestic flights and that they will be provided with the HES code control in their train journeys, he said that you will be able to travel by plane and train by using the code you will receive over the HES application. As it is known, the travel ban was lifted as of 1 June. However, those aged 65 and over need to get a HES code.


HES code, Life Fits Home a code to be generated with a feature that will come to the mobile application. Based on this code, a priority scan will be made and it will be decided whether the passenger is accepted or not. By using this code, it is possible to travel by plane and train.

The travel company will question the person's health status with the HEPP code and the travel will not be approved in case of risk. If there are people who do not have any risks during the trip, but who later experience a risk situation, they will be contacted and the health and guidance service will be provided by contacting the people accepted at the contact distance.

Minister Fahrettin Koca; The addition of the HEPP code, which will be produced individually, has been made mandatory as of 18 May 2020. For the HES code inquiry, the passenger ID number (TCKN, Passport etc.), contact information (both phone and e-mail fields) and date of birth will be entered correctly and completely as required fields.


After explaining that HES code and airplane and train travels can be made, it was started to wonder how to get HES code.

HES code can be obtained in 2 different ways:

  • The HEPP code can be obtained by entering the HEPP code transactions section on the Hayat Eve Sığar application.
  • HEPP code can also be obtained by SMS method. In order to receive HEPP code with a text message, the HEPP code will be written with a space between them and the TC identity number, the last 4 digits of the TC identity serial number and the sharing time (in days) will be sent to 2023 as SMS. If the sharing period is not specified, the code will be limited to 1 year. (Short message example: HES 1234567890 1234 15. When this message is sent, the code will be valid for 15 days.)


HEPP codes will consist of individual codes that are produced completely for you. Control and management of the HEPP code will be entirely in the hands of the citizen. Creating different codes specific to each share, which is not known by anyone instead of an unchanged number such as TC identity number, will make the code secure. In addition, citizens will not have to share personal data, such as their ID number, with someone else, thanks to the HES code.

Hayat Eve Fits application, Play Store ve App Store It is downloaded to mobile phones for free.

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