What is DİTAP? About Digital Agriculture Market

What is the book about the digital agriculture market
What is the book about the digital agriculture market

DİTAP, the Digital Agriculture Market, stands out as an important project put into practice in the name of digitalization in agriculture. "DİTAP will be the market where the chain from seed to fork is followed, production and supply is provided and planned production is made," said Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Bekir Pakdemirli at the introductory meeting.

DİTAP, the Digital Agriculture Market, was put into service. Stating that the marketing opportunity of the farmer will increase through the Digital Agriculture Market and that the consumer will buy quality products at a reasonable price, Bekir Pakdemirli, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, said, “The Digital Agriculture Market will bring a significant momentum to agricultural production and trade by bringing the buyers and sellers online.” spoke in the form. Pakdemirli also announced that the stakeholders of the agricultural sector using DİTAP will benefit from the supportive loan packages of banks created within the scope of contract agriculture. Details about DİTAP are in our news.


With the aim of winning both the producer and the consumer and the industry, the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry aims to bring together all the buyers and producers at a value price thanks to the Digital Agriculture Market (DITAP).

The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry launched the Digital Agriculture Market (DİTAP), which will carry the entire chain from food production to consumption. Treasury and Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce and the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges in Turkey (TOBB), with the support of all stakeholders of the agriculture Agricultural Markets Digital will meet in a single platform. DİTAP, which will enable agricultural supply and demand to meet with the “digital marketplace” approach and the contract agriculture practice, will enable the producer to earn more income, find the agricultural product of the quality desired by the agricultural industry and the consumer to access the agricultural products cheaper. www.ditap.gov.t is Agricultural sector stakeholders who use DİTAP via will also benefit from the supportive loan packages of banks created within the scope of contract agriculture.


Launch of DİTAP, Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Hosted by Bekir Pakdemirli, the Minister of Treasury and Finance Dr. Berat Albayrak was held at an on-line press conference with the Minister of Trade Ruhsar Pekcan and TOBB President M. Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu. Minister of Agriculture and Forestry said that DİTAP is a turning point in planned agriculture. Bekir Pakdemirli, said that in the first place pass through targeted DİTAP of 10 percent of Turkey's fruit and vegetable production. Pakdemirli said:

“While combining supply and demand in agricultural production with DİTAP, it will be possible to make agricultural production more planned thanks to the contracted agriculture model. Thanks to this system, where the entire chain from seed to fork can be followed and sustainable production is provided, small farmers will reach the same price and competitive conditions as our large farmers. Thanks to this system that protects the producer and protects the consumer, zero waste will be possible in the agricultural production chain. One of every 3 agricultural products produced in the world is thrown into the garbage. DİTAP will also eliminate product loss through effective planning in the agricultural production chain. ”


Indicating that agricultural products such as vegetables, fruits, legumes will be processed in the first phase of DİTAP, and agricultural intermediate inputs such as livestock, fertilizer, medicine, seeds will be included in the scope of DİTAP in the later phases of the project. Pakdemirli spoke as follows:

“The Covid-19 outbreak we have experienced has shown how important food supply security is. The importance of agriculture is better understood. As a 4-hour flight from Turkey with 40% of the world population, we have a chance to reach a total of 1,9 trillion dollars worth of agricultural trade volume with the region. Our country is among the few countries in the world in terms of vegetable and animal production. Our country is among the top 1 in the agricultural product in Europe and 10st in the world. We export $ 18 billion. We have an export surplus of $ 5,3 billion. Turkey is a country self-sufficient. In agriculture we have found that we can develop this good location, Turkey also have opportunities in agriculture that we can move to a better place. By developing strategies according to the agricultural structure of our country, we should increase our competitive power even more. ”


He noted once again that the importance of agricultural planning for food supply security was once again seen during these difficult days. Pakdemirli,

“It is of course important to have the product in the garden in the field, but an efficient logistics planning is more important to ensure that these products are harvested, processed, stored and accessed by the required workforce. If we can establish the right link between the producer and the consumer, I am sure that the producer will be satisfied with the production, and the consumer will have the opportunity to buy a higher quality product at a reasonable price. Our farmers will not have any concerns about selling their products produced at the end of the period and bringing them to the market. As the contractual production model develops thanks to DİTAP in agricultural production, that is, the link between consumption and production strengthens, we will have reached a much better point in terms of both reducing imbalances between the supply-demand balance and eliminating pricing imbalances in the agricultural sector. This model, which will lead to the integration of agriculture and industry, will contribute to the increase of the financing opportunities of agriculture as it becomes widespread. ”


He pointed out that the Covid-19 outbreak caused the entire industry and technology sector to enter an economically distressed process in the world. Bekir Pakdemirli continued as follows:

“The states, which are proud of their factories and technologies in the world, have stopped their production and expect the effect of Covid-19 to end for the wheels to return. In this process, there is only one sector that continues its production by increasing its capacity. It is also the food industry. Now mobile phones, computers, cars in people's hands; ceased to be a source of pride. Do I have enough food in my house now? she began to question herself. This situation reminds us an expression of our President. Our respected President said that the country that produces food will be the world's leading country. Yes, when we look at the world now, we have once again realized how true this word is. Because agricultural production is more important than the defense industry. We are not a country with a food supply problem in the world with the investments and supports we make. The sights in the market stores that we see in other countries have not been seen in our country. By managing the pandemic process well, we have to prepare for Turkish agriculture after saying and doing new things during this period. Because the world will now be a different world and will move in a different direction. If we get out of this process strongly, our country's place and position in the world will be different than now. Our strong ability to overcome this problem will be by carrying out strong and effective agricultural policies. ”


describing the contributions will provide ditap to Turkey Dr. Bekir Pakdemirli said: “DİTAP covers the entire agricultural sector in our country. From cooperatives to unions, farmers, producers, fertilizers, pesticides, equipment equipment sector, financing sector, insurance sector, briefly, all kinds of products needed by all stakeholders of the sector will be provided. There will be everyone in this portal, including the buyer and seller logistics sector. Thus; We will monitor every point from production to consumption. Why we established DİTAP. The producer says, "I should earn more, I should sell my product at a better price." The consumer says, "I should consume more." Better quality product and reasonable price for the consumer. Sustainable supply. Planned production. Agricultural production should be planned in order to ensure that the product obtained as a result of these studies, which increase the yield of the land, has a high value in the domestic and foreign markets, and provides more income to our farmers. In order to be able to make this planning, the demands of the agricultural product market for both the consumer and the industrial consumer will be created in advance. We created DITAP in order to support our farmers who want to evaluate the demand with these demands, with the technology registered in our Ministry's systems and that will guide the demand. This contracted agriculture portal will only enable volunteers to create demand for the agricultural raw materials of the state, greengrocer, chain markets and food factories that manage the industrial product market. We will ensure that these requests reach our farmers in the remotest corner of our country by SMS notification. In addition, thanks to the portal, it will be ensured that many processed products, especially our geographically marked products, will be branded and marketed by increasing the added value by providing benefits for the processed food industry. In this way, we will increase the export oriented market. ”


Stating that the stakeholders of the agricultural sector using DİTAP will also benefit from the supportive loan packages created by banks within the scope of contract agriculture. Pakdemirli said, “Real and legal persons having contractual production will be able to use loans up to 50 million TL from Ziraat Bank and Agricultural Credit Cooperatives.

In the use of credit, the discount in “Business Credit” is determined as 50%. In addition, they will be able to utilize a discount of up to 20% in total, including an additional 10% for “domestic certified seed / seedling / sapling use” in production, and an additional 80% if production in the strategic herbal product group will be made. In addition to Ziraat Bank and Agricultural and Credit Cooperatives, we invite our other banks, especially participation banks, to use the system for financial support suitable for our farmers and industrialists through this system. In addition, we will plan agricultural supports in the following period, in favor of contract production on this platform. We will make it advantageous in this regard in the cooperatives. ”


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