About Nuri Demirağ

About nuri demirdag
About nuri demirdag

He was born in Divrigi district of Sivas in 1886; He died in Istanbul on November 13, 1957.

one of the first and important entrepreneurs in the aviation industry in Turkey. Turkey's industry has invested heavily in the development and the Republic of Turkey Railways is one of the first contractors in the construction founded by throwing fundamentals of aviation industry in 1936, before the Aircraft Manufacturing Factory nu.d.36 training aircraft, then the body is coated with aluminum and completely Turkish engineers that can be translated into the necessary bombers, technicians and the first domestic and national aircraft of our workers and accepted in the (A) class aircraft category of that day's world, is a businessman who carried out the construction of a double-engine six-passenger passenger aircraft named "Nu.D.38". Our country thus entered the aircraft industry simultaneously with the countries of the world.

Nuri DEMİRAĞ also pioneered the training of a large number of pilots and technicians by purchasing the wide land used as Atatürk Airport in Yeşilköy, having a flight site built on it and building pilot and technicians in this area, and by building "Aircraft Repair Workshop" and hangars.

Nuri DEMİRAĞ, together with his brother, constructed a total of 1930 km of railroads, hundreds of tunnels, bridges and station buildings in the early 1012s in Samsun-Sivas, Sivas-Erzurum, Afyon-Dinar lines. When the Surname Law was issued on June 21, 1934, the surname “DEMİRAĞ” was given to him by ATATÜRK himself. The building of the First Grand National Assembly, which is currently used as a museum in Ankara, various ministerial buildings, Bursa Merinos, Izmit Seka, Sivas Cement, Karabük Iron and Steel Factories are its works. He also led the opening of the aircraft engineering department of Istanbul University.

“The Turkish should do his own tailor. Since a nation cannot live without a crew, then it should not expect this means of living from the grace of others. I am telling you strictly; Before we reach ten years, we will do all of our troops with their motors, from the beginning to the smallest screw.

“If Europeans can do the Americans, we'll do it too. I mean I can't, I gave up my self, my being; I have accepted my weakness and weakness. ”

Nuri Demirag 1936

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