Post Coronavirus Hairdresser and Barbers Wages

After the coronavirus, hike to hairdresser and barber fees
After the coronavirus, hike to hairdresser and barber fees

Within the scope of coronavirus measures, barbers and hairdressers, whose activities were suspended on March 21, started to serve as of this morning. The customers who came with the opening of the barbers had their shaves under the hygiene rules.


However, although the barbers and hairdressers, who started to provide service, received support from the state during the period when they were closed, they started to receive a price on a 40 percent increase in fees.


Turkey Barbers Barber and Beauty Professionals (TBKG of) Federation Chairman Bayram Karakas, hairdresser, barber and said the loss of revenue due to the opening of a beauty salon as of Monday, May 11, 2020 will be 40 percent of the time.

According to the price tariff of 1st class men's barbers; hair cutting 35 TL, beard cutting 21 TL, hair beard 50 TL.


Chairman of Antalya Chamber of Barbers Yüksel Uzun also explained the details of the works carried out. Stating that there will be a distance between the seats, Uzun said, “We will work 3 seats in a 2-seat shop. If there are 5 seats, we will work 3 seats, leave the middle seat empty and there will be 2 meters distances. If the shaving takes 45 minutes, the staff will go out after the shaving is finished and it will take 15-20 minutes of air, ”he said.

'We are hard to find towels with special features'

Emphasizing that they have started to provide protective gowns and disposable towels within the scope of the epidemic measures, Yüksel continued as follows:

“Unfortunately, we find it especially difficult to find towels. We made stock for 10 days but it may be a troublesome process for later. We will overcome the problem of protective apron with disposable paint aprons. ”

Emphasizing that the use of cologne and disinfectant in shops will reach the highest level and means extra costs in disposable towels and aprons, Uzun said, “At this stage, we have to increase our service fee by at least 30 percent. In other ways, our tradesmen's money kazanHe doesn't have a chance to pay and take bread home. We did not want this increase, but we have no choice.”

After the coronavirus, hike to hairdresser and barber fees
After the coronavirus, hike to hairdresser and barber fees

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