Women's Housing Service in the COVID-19 Pandemic Process

Accommodation for women in the covid pandemic process
Accommodation for women in the covid pandemic process

During the COVID-19 pandemic process by the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services, people who are not at risk in terms of security and only apply to women's guesthouses for accommodation are provided with accommodation.

The Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services continues to combat violence against women in the COVID-19 epidemic process with guidance, support and guidance services.

seamless continuation of services for victims of violence in this context can be seen from the date of first Covidien-19 cases in Turkey, the measures taken in order to avoid any disruptions.

The practices are monitored precisely and the works for the solution of the problems arising are carried out in cooperation with the General Directorate of the Status of Women in the center, Provincial Directorates of Family, Work and Social Services, Violence Prevention and Monitoring Centers (ŞÖNİM), Social Service Centers and women's guesthouses.

ŞÖNİM and 81 women's guesthouses in 145 cities serve with a capacity of 3.482. Under the Law No. 6284, women, family members and individuals who are victims of unilateral persistent pursuits are guided, uninterruptedly, in coordination with relevant parties.

In the big cities where there are women's guesthouses, for the applications made for housing purposes only, there is no security risk. Social facilities belonging to public institutions and organizations may be temporarily accommodated in dormitories or similar places upon request of the local authority, the police or the Ministry in a hurry. ” provision is applied.

In such cases, planning is made with the relevant law enforcement units under the coordination of ŞÖNİM and the provincial directorate for the placement of the applicant.

In this context, 42 facilities (45 hotels, 14 guest houses, 11 public institutions and 15 dormitories) are used for accommodation in 5 provinces. A total of 200 women / children have been directed to these facilities so far.

Notification by SMS

On the other hand, the “Alo 183 Social Support Line” within the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services provides psychological, legal and economic counseling services 7/24 for women who are victims of violence or who are in need of support and assistance, and their children.

With the Women's Support System (KADES), which was developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Family, Labor and Social Services to provide more effective and rapid intervention to women who are victims of violence or who are at risk of violence, KADES also provides a quick call to the 7-24 Call Center. The practice continues to decrease the notice and bring the nearest law enforcement unit to the victim's position as soon as possible. When necessary, ŞÖNİMs also come into play.

SMSs are sent to ŞÖNİMs, Alo 6284 Social Support Line and KADES to inform victims of violence who have applied to law enforcement units or who have decided to take action under Law No. 183. 1 people were informed via SMS between 28 March and 2020 April 45.000.

Strict Prevention Against Outbreak in Women's Guesthouses

On the other hand, special measures have been implemented against COVID-19 since the first days of the process in all women's guesthouses under the supervision of the Ministry.

Measures were taken to ensure health checks for women and their children in women's guesthouses, to limit entry and exit, except for essential cases, to cancel collective events, and to periodically disinfect guesthouses and to comply with isolation rules.

In addition, in the applications to be made to the institutions through law enforcement, the health checks of women and their children are provided. After the admission process, periodic health checks, including working personnel, are carried out and in case of doubt, individuals are directed to the relevant health institutions.

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