Turkish Defense Industry's 2019 Data Has Been Announced

Turkish defense industry year data has been announced
Turkish defense industry year data has been announced

Defense and Aviation Industry Manufacturers Association (SaSaD) announced Turkish defense and aviation industry data for 2019.

According to the report shared by SaSaD, sales made by the Turkish defense and aviation industry sector in 2019 were 10 billion 884 million 81 thousand 347 dollars, exports 3 billion 68 million 519 thousand 809 dollars, imports 3 billion 88 million 465 thousand 821 dollars and R&D expenditures 1 billion 672 million 52 thousand 468 dollars. The total employment of the sector in 2019 was recorded as 73 thousand 771 people.

Turnover and Export

The total turnover of the Turkish defense and aviation industry sector in 2019 has reached a level of $ 2018 billion 19.50 million with an increase of 10% compared to 884. On the other hand, the number of employment per capita increased by 6.532 people compared to the previous year and was 73 thousand 771 people, increasing by 13.23% to $ 147 thousand 539.

Turkish defense industry exports, which were in the order of 2 billion 188 million dollars in the previous year, increased by 2019% in 40.21 and reached 3 billion 68 million dollars, and this year the record of all years was broken.

Turkey will be recalled that Pakistan four units MİLGEM ADA (PN: "Jinnah") have begun to Class work for the Corvettes exports and the main contractor asphaltene Inc. various contracts in 2019 with a Turkish subcontractor companies under agreement with a billion dollars worth more than He had signed.


According to the data transferred to companies by SaSaD, the imports of the sector in 2019 reached to the level of 26.11 billion 3 million dollars with an increase of 88% in the previous year. According to these data, the difference between imports and exports was $ 2018 million in 260.4, while this year fell to $ 19.9 million and the scissors closed quite well.

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Source: savunmasanayist

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