Ispark workers are working at great risk
34 Istanbul

İSPARK Inside: We Work at Great Risk

Reaching the We Are Behind the Bosses Network, the ISPARK worker conveyed the risks and concerns arising from the working environment of his friends and himself. The reported also includes the demands of ISPARK workers during the epidemic process: We establish direct contact with dozens of people, dozens of people's money and [more…]

Free Dressing Permit for TCDD Staff
06 Ankara

Free Clothing Permit for TCDD Staff

TCDD General Directorate published a letter today and stated that TCDD Personnel can wear free clothes to protect from the Coronavirus epidemic. Memur-Sen's insistent demand since the start of the coronavirus epidemic, easy-to-clean free clothing to protect employees from the virus [more…]

from Antalya big city to the stops hand disinfectant
07 Antalya

Hand Disinfectant from Antalya Metropolitan to Stations

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality continues to take measures to protect public health against coronavirus and epidemic diseases. In this context, he placed hand disinfectants at public transportation stops. The Metropolitan Municipality has the most impact of the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) seen in our country. [more…]

Kayseri, use mass transportation mask is distributed to citizens
38 Kayseri

Use Public Transport in Kayseri, Citizens Are Distributed Masks

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to comply with coronavirus measures. Studies were increased within the framework of the measures, the scope of which was expanded, especially in big cities. Metropolitan Municipality Police teams repeated the "Stay Home" announcements in different parts of the city and distributed masks. Kayseri [more…]

hospital work has started in sancaktepe
34 Istanbul

Hospital Works Started in Istanbul Sancaktepe

Hospital Works Started in Istanbul Sancaktepe; Making a statement after the Presidential Cabinet meeting, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said, “We will transform the Atatürk Airport area into a thousand-room hospital and the area where the airport in Sancaktepe is located into a thousand-room hospital. We will finish the work within 45 days and [more…]

ego buses to protect your social distance have been placed
06 Ankara

EGO Buses Protect Your Social Distance Are Placed

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to raise awareness by taking new measures in its fight against the coronavirus epidemic. AŞTİ, with the “keep your distance” stickers posted on public transportation vehicles, especially in municipal service buildings, markets and elevators, and distributed to the markets. [more…]

basaksehir kayasehir metro line facts
34 Istanbul

Başakşehir Kayaşehir Metro Line Facts

Contrary to the statement of Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Mr. Adil Karaismailoğlu, regarding the Başakşehir - Kayaşehir Line, the construction of this subway was stopped during the term of IMM President Mevlüt Uysal. Although the construction started again, excavations continued in June 2018 due to budget shortages. [more…]

The fire of Izmir is measured by the thermal camera.
35 Izmir

Transporters from Izmir are Satisfied with Thermal Camera Application

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality installed thermal cameras in the places where the human density is high during the coronavirus epidemic. Citizens who were taken inside by measuring their temperature with a thermal camera are satisfied with the application. The Metropolitan Municipality, which raised the measures in İzmir due to the coronavirus epidemic, [more…]