safety's first attack helicopter assembly line
06 Ankara

Safety's First T-129 ATAK Helicopter Assembly Line

Turkish Aviation and Space Industry Inc. (TAI), the first T-129 ATAK Helicopter to be delivered to the General Directorate of Security, was taken to the assembly line. According to the information obtained by; Turkish Aviation and Space Industry by the General Directorate of Security Aviation [more…]

basaksehir city hospital opened
34 Istanbul

Istanbul Başakşehir City Hospital Opened

With the participation of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan with a video conference, Istanbul Başakşehir City Hospital commissioning and delivery of domestic respiratory equipment ceremony was held. At the ceremony, Health Minister Dr. Fahrettin Koca made a speech. Speaking at the ceremony, Minister Koca said, “The hospital's 145 [more…]

iett opens new line for basaksehir city hospital
34 Istanbul

İETT Opens 2 New Lines for Başakşehir City Hospital

IETT 2 is opening new lines for Başakşehir City Hospital, where the emergency department is activated. In addition, 8 separate lines going to the stop near the hospital will continue to operate. In the following stage, when the new units of the hospital come into play, the number of lines will be increased. [more…]

Turkish armed forces and general purpose helicopters

Turkish Armed Forces and General Purpose Helicopters

In this series of articles, I will try to tell you the history of General Purpose Helicopters used by the Turkish Armed Forces. Supply and production of only UH-1B / H, AB204 / 205, S-70 and AS-532 series helicopters in the series, which will consist of several sections that do not include all helicopters in the inventory [more…]

Antalya nostalgia tram services are temporarily suspended
07 Antalya

Antalya Nostalgia Tram Services Temporarily Stopped

Nostalji Tramway services, which provide public transportation services to citizens between Museum-Zerdalilik operated by Antalya Transportation Inc., have been stopped as of Monday, April 20, 2020. In the statement made by Antalya Transportation Inc.; “In this period we are going through sensitive days, both you and your [more…]

All the facts about basaksehir hospital
34 Istanbul

All Facts About Başakşehir Hospital

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality made a statement regarding the allegations made about the Başakşehir hospital, which was opened today. The statement of IMM is as follows: The road tender of the 1st Hospital was prepared by the Ministry of Health in 2015. 2. Road construction work was undertaken by IMM and this [more…]

road lines were renewed in the sea-going restrictions
20 Denizli

Road Lines Renewed in Curfews in Denizli

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality, taking advantage of the curfew restriction, carried out a renewal of pedestrian crossings and road lines on the empty roads and bridge intersections on the heavily used routes of the city. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation ensures that traffic is safe and [more…]

April celebration in the capital will go to the feet of the children
06 Ankara

April 23 Celebration Will Go To Children In The Capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has prepared a different celebration program for “23 April National Sovereignty and Children's Day” this year. Inviting the children of the Capital who could not leave their homes due to the coronavirus epidemic to their balconies on April 23, the Metropolitan Municipality Culture and [more…]

The derevenk viaduct connects the hulusi to the Akar Boulevard
38 Kayseri

Derevenk Viaduct Connects Hulusi Akar Boulevard

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to connect Hulusi Akar Boulevard to Derevenk Viaduct and connection roads, which bring an important relief to transportation. Hulusi Akar Boulevard will be connected to Malatya Road through a connection of approximately 3 kilometers. Hulusi Akar [more…]

Covidien turkiyenin to increase the resistance against the epidemic
06 Ankara

Covidien-19 Enhancing Turkey's Resistance Against Pandemic

In its latest report, TSKB Economic Research shared its evaluations regarding the economic consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak worldwide and the upcoming period. "Covidien-19 Enhancing Turkey's Resistance Against the Epidemic" report, financial resources, including the use of all the opportunities in a flexible manner [more…]