Those with Autism and Down Syndrome Under the Age of 20 to Go to the Parks and Gardens

Under-age autism and down syndrome patients can park and park
Under-age autism and down syndrome patients can park and park

Within the scope of coronavirus measures to 81 Provincial Governors by the Ministry of Internal Affairs Special Requirement sent an additional circular containing exceptions to children and young people. According to the Circular, under 20 years of age, being in a closed environment for a long time will affect their mental and physical health negatively, autism, severe mental retardation, down syndrome accompanied by parents or carers of children and adolescents with Special Needs diagnosed as such, a report proving their ailments, etc. they will be allowed to leave their residence, to walk around in parks and gardens, to travel by car within the same province, provided that they have their documents with them, fulfill the appropriate conditions that will prevent the spread of infection, comply with the social distance rule and use masks, hand cleaning and comply with hygiene.

In the additional circular sent to the governorates by the Ministry, it was stated that many measures have been taken and implemented by the relevant ministries, governorates, public institutions and organizations in order to manage the risk of coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak in terms of public health and to ensure social mobility and social isolation.
In this context, the proposal of the Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee, Mr. President. With a circular issued in accordance with the instructions of Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, it was reminded that those under 01.01.2000 years of age who were born after 20 were temporarily prohibited from going out.
In the circular, individuals who were born after 01.01.2000, lost their physical, mental, spiritual, sensory and social abilities as a result of any illness or accident, and who needed the support of others because they could not fulfill the usual, repetitive requirements of daily life on their own. It was stated that staying in a closed area may create negative effects on their mental and physical health.
For this reason, the Ministry asked the governorships for the following exceptions to be applied for children and youth within this scope;
  • It is accompanied by parents or caregivers with special needs diagnosed such as autism, severe mental retardation, and down syndrome, which are considered to be in this scope. They were asked to be allowed to keep their documents with them, to fulfill the appropriate conditions that would prevent the spread of infection, to comply with the social distance rule and to use masks, to leave their residences, to travel in the parks and gardens, and to travel by car within the same province, provided that they comply with hand cleaning and hygiene.
  • Although it was born after 01.01.2000 by the governors / district governors, it was decided to take the necessary decisions for the exemption of the children and young people, who were deemed necessary to be outside due to the special conditions mentioned above, from the prohibition brought by the Circular.
  • In addition, the governorships and district governorships were asked not to have any problems in practice, and not to give any room to the grievances of children and youth and their families in any way.


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