Public Transport Vehicles and Stops are Disinfected in Tuzla

Tuzla, public transportation vehicles and stops are disinfected
Tuzla, public transportation vehicles and stops are disinfected

Tuzla Municipality continues its cleaning and disinfection efforts for public transport and stops. As part of the efforts to combat the coronavirus outbreak, cleaning and disinfection work continues in all public areas and common use points in Tuzla.

Tuzla Municipality teams are constantly cleaning and disinfecting at taxis, taxi stops, minibuses, buses, minibuses and bus stations, and Marmaray stations and underpasses. In addition to cleaning and disinfecting studies, Tuzla Municipality also carries out information activities regarding the protection of social distance for our citizens, the use of masks strictly during the journey and the ways of protection from antivirus. A mask was distributed to support the use of masks in public transport.

Mayor of Tuzla Şadi Yazıcı stated that our citizens mostly comply with the “stay at home” calls made after the epidemic was seen in our country and that it was satisfactory, “For our citizens who use public transportation, our teams are constantly carrying out cleaning and disinfection works. Our salts are among the most successful districts in terms of their stay at home, the use of masks and similar protective materials in public and communal areas, following the COVID 19 struggle and citizens' warning calls.

Public transportation vehicles and taxis, stations and stations, which are among the common areas of use, are disinfected continuously and periodically by our teams. We continue to take every precaution on time to minimize risks in our district.

While continuing our struggle with the same determination, we also repeat our call "Stay at Home". Nobody should worry, we are everywhere and we continue to work for our citizens and take all necessary measures. "He said.

Tuzla Municipality continues to disinfect minibus and bus stations and public transportation vehicles throughout the district and continue cleaning periodically. The public transportation vehicles are also hanged with labels indicating the disinfection work, ensuring that citizens are also aware of the work.

While Tuzla Municipality disinfected public transportation vehicles and stops throughout the district, it was hanged on the labels stating that disinfection works were carried out on the vehicles so that our citizens can also follow the works.

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