One More Step for Pedestrian Safety in Sakarya

Another step for pedestrian safety in Sakarya
Another step for pedestrian safety in Sakarya

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality added another step to its steps to ensure traffic and pedestrian safety. With the slogan of "Priority is Your Life, Priority is Pedestrian", it continues its efforts to increase pedestrian mobility and accessibility to the next level.

Metropolitan Municipality added another step to the steps it took to ensure traffic and pedestrian safety throughout the city. He launched the elevated pedestrian crossing to enable pedestrians to cross the road safer and to reduce the speed of the drivers to the desired level. With the elevated pedestrian crossing, which was first implemented in Mithatpaşa Intersection in Sakarya, it is aimed to increase the crossing level of the pedestrian crossings to the level of sidewalks and enable disabled and elderly citizens to cross the road more easily.

The application will continue

In the statement made by the Traffic Branch Directorate of the Road Maintenance and Infrastructure Coordination Department, “In the study, the pedestrian crossing was made separately and the speed breaker was made separately in the regions with high pedestrian density. This situation both caused waste of resources and created difficulties in implementation. Thanks to the newly designed elevated pedestrian crossing, the application of the speed breaker and pedestrian crossing at one point not only slowed down the traffic speed, but also created a pedestrian safety corridor. In the upcoming period, we will continue to build pedestrian crossings in front of the schools where traffic speed should be limited and where the pedestrian crossings are intense, and we ask drivers to respect the pedestrians by respecting the rules. "



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