Coronavirus Guide for Curious Children 'Curiosity Overcomes Fear'

coronavirus guide for curious children
coronavirus guide for curious children

The "Coronary Virus Guide for Curious Children", which was created in cooperation with the Italian Children's Museums and supported by the International Association of Children's Museums (Hands-on International), has been translated into Turkish. Directory, Turkey representative of Informal Education International Hands-on-çocukistanbul and IMM City Council meeting with children in cooperation with Turkey. All curious children who know how to read and write will be able to benefit from the guide.

In the directory. "Curiosity overcomes fear!", "The coronavirus will be more curious than courage!" emphasis is being made.

Translation studies of "Coronary Virus Guide for Curious Children" in 30 different languages ​​continue. At the same time, printing and social media sharing continues in various countries and cities, especially in Europe.

While the coronavirus is spreading rapidly all over the world, young people as well as adults are concerned about themselves and their families, trying to understand what the problem is. In the guide prepared to help children understand the difficult process they are in, the answers to the questions they wonder about coronavirus are tackled with a pedagogical approach, accompanied by visuals, in order to prevent the spread of the virus and protect themselves.

This international project aims to provide curiosity, awareness, impressive, interesting and powerful tool for both direct children and parents who need to convey correct information about the epidemic without worrying. The bilingual publication also reinforces the feeling that children face a common problem with their peers all over the world, they are not alone, they are strong together, and actively calls for solidarity.

In the Turkish version of the guide, IBB City Council President Tülin Hadi addressed the children. Come on, "When you have read and finished, your curiosity is resolved and I wish you to be stronger from the virus ..."


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