Fire Station and TCDD Buildings Disinfected in Derince

Fire and tcdd buildings were disinfected deeply
Fire and tcdd buildings were disinfected deeply

Within the scope of health measures taken throughout the country, the disinfection works carried out by the teams of Derince Municipality continue at full speed.

Fire Brigade and TCDD Buildings Disinfected

Following the announcement of the emergence of a new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) in our country, Derince Municipality has tightened its hygiene efforts to protect the residents from the disease. Within the scope of the measures taken, disinfection teams established within the municipality continue their works periodically, while disinfection processes continue in areas that are used by the public, especially public institutions and organizations. In this context, the teams of Derince Municipality carried out a comprehensive cleaning work in the service buildings belonging to the Fire Brigade Group Directorate and TCDD in the district.

Message from President Aygün Stay at Home

Stating that the fight against coronavirus continues intensely, Derince Mayor Zeki Aygün said in his statement on social media: “All public buildings, places of worship, health institutions, banks, PTT branches, neighborhood muhtars, public buses, commercial taxis, bus, We disinfect stops, bank ATMs, playgrounds and many more public spaces. We continue our works for the peace and health of our people without regard to working hours. I believe that we will leave this process behind with the permission of Allah. We work for you. You, too, stay home for us in this process. ”

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