Coronavirus Call From BTS: 'Take Radical Measures For Hundreds Of Thousands On The Move'

bts hundreds of thousands of people take radical precautions in motion
bts hundreds of thousands of people take radical precautions in motion

📩 29/03/2020 12:12

The İzmir Branch of the United Transportation Employees Union (BTS) announced its demands within the scope of coronavirus measures by making a written statement. In the statement, which emphasized that approximately 50.000 people are on the move daily in MARMARAY, 10.000 in BAŞKENTRAY in Ankara, and 54.000 in Izmir in İZBAN, said, “The radical measures of the central government for a period of time in developed countries to stop this epidemic by taking under control immediately. We recommend that you buy it.

Description; “Unfortunately, due to the Covit-19 virus, which has emerged in Wuhan, China, and has an effect all over the world, unfortunately, many people experience an increasing number of casualties.

Although serious steps were taken in the first days in order to prevent the virus from spreading, we see that some measures taken in the following days were not implemented adequately.

Despite the rapid increase in the number of people caught in the virus and the number of people who lost their lives, the government insists on not taking the radical measures implemented in many European countries, while the Minister of Health said, “Everyone can declare their state of emergency. This does not necessarily have to be declared by the state. ” Unfortunately, he left the society to his own words. While no prediction can be made about when to keep the virus under control, we witness that the government has no urgent action plan to deal with this problem, and the inadequacy of the announced decisions after the Science Committee meeting, which is expected with great curiosity and impatience.

Even in this environment, where the people are in trouble, due to the virus epidemic, they are in the account of how we turn the crisis into an opportunity. While the people need to take measures against the laborers, they want to increase their powers, which forests I pursue for rent, while the allowances are not allocated, the Kanal Istanbul tender is after the tender, and the selected municipalities are seeking to appoint trustees. There is no amnesty in the crime of thought again in the amnesty law, which is tried to be released with the crisis. This shows that laborers and the public are not on the agenda for power.

As we go through such a process, we see once again that transportation is one of the most important communication tools of the society. Although the authorities see that various measures have been taken in all modes of transportation, especially public transportation, new measures must be taken immediately.

We recommend that the government implement the radical measures applied today as soon as possible, in order to bring this epidemic, which has increased rapidly in the world, under control in our country very quickly and to eliminate it with the least loss, in some European countries.

  • 1-Curfew applied over the age of 65 should be applied to all segments of the society, except for mandatory duties (health-safety-cleaning). Unfortunately, it is clear that the discourse of “create your own state of emergency” is not an equivalent. In urban transportation in three major cities of our country, only 50.000 daily in MARMARAY in Istanbul, 10.000 in BAŞKENTRAY in Ankara and 54.000 in İZBAN in İzmir are on the move. If you add city buses, ferries, minibuses and other vehicles to these numbers, it will be clear that hundreds of thousands of people are moving for business or other reasons.
  • 2-Although the practice of alternating work in our business is carried out in offices with the Ministry Circular, as a result of the work of intercity passenger trains, urban suburban trains and freight trains, the train and train preparation personnel are at the beginning of their duties and are under the threat of virus infection.
  • 3-Although the authorities declared that the borders were closed, this closure covers road transportation and the transportation continues on the Iranian border by rail. Transportation continues at the ports. It is seen that the necessary measures are not taken while carrying out all these services by us.
  • 4-While performing the necessary disinfection processes at the stations, stations and airports, the necessary sensitivity should be shown in the same disinfection of the vehicles used.
  • 5- Within the scope of the Circular, as in all public institutions, the personnel who are in the risk group on the railways are permitted, but overtime is given to the active personnel (Box office, Conductor, Protection and Security Officer, Train Chief, Machinist, Train Officer etc.). Especially since freight trains run continuously, they have to come to work constantly. Reducing working hours aside from doing overtime in this process,
  • 6-When will the Unemployment Fund established for us laborers not be used now and when will it be used? How much money is available in this fund set up for us should be explained immediately.
  • 7-Working conditions should be improved rather than applauding the health workers. Protective material should be given to all workers who will work compulsory, especially health workers working with great devotion, and additional payments should be made from the upper ceiling.
  • 8-All facilities of the TAF (transferred to the Ministry of Health) should be opened to use, especially hospitals.
  • 9-Revenue guaranteed, mostly of which is in the field of transportation and health and made with the YİP model; Payments for bridges, highways, tunnels, airports, train stations and hospitals should be used within the scope of the fight against the virus.

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