Cooperation Agreement for Smart City Solutions in Diyarbakır

Cooperation Agreement for Smart City Solutions in Diyabakir
Cooperation Agreement for Smart City Solutions in Diyabakir

A 'Cooperation Agreement for Smart City Solutions' was signed with a ceremony between Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality and Aselsan.

'Cooperation Agreement for Smart City Solutions' was signed between ASELSAN and Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, which develops applications in the fields of smart technologies, environment, transportation, management, security, health and geographic information systems in order to provide more effective service to citizens. A signing ceremony was held in a hotel in Kayapınar district for the 'Agreement on Cooperation for Smart City Solutions', which was signed within the framework of the Presidency's National Smart Cities Strategy and Action Plan dated December 23, 2019. Mr. Governor and Metropolitan Mayor V. Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu, ASELSAN Chairman of the Board Prof.Dr. Haluk Görgün, Regional Gendarmerie Commander Tuğgeneral Mustafa Başoğlu, 16. Mechanized Brigade Commander Tuğgeneral Ali Fuat Arıkan, Dicle University Rector Prof.Dr. Talip Gül, Deputy Governor and DİSKİ General Manager Ahmet Naci Helvacı, Deputy Governor Şemsettin Erkaya, Provincial Police Chief Şükrü Yaman, Deputy Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Gendarmerie Senior Colonel Fatih Kılınç, Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Muhsin Eryılmaz, Bağlar Mayor Hüseyin Beyoğlu, ASELSAN managers and NGO representatives in Diyarbakır.

An agreement to improve Diyarbakır's quality of life

Following the stand of respect and the reading of the National Anthem, the promotional film of Diyarbakır and ASELSAN's Smart Cities promotional video were watched. After the cinevision screening, ASELSAN Chairman of the Board of Directors. Dr. Haluk Görgün made the opening speech of the signing ceremony. Stating that ASELSAN has been serving the country for 45 years, Görgün has developed the solutions that ASELSAN has developed in the field of experience, system, engineering and design, especially in cities, based on transportation, security, energy and health fields in order to contribute to the technological and economic independence of the country. He said that he is working on directing city life, meeting expectations and creating solutions. Emphasizing that they are excited to start an exemplary project in Diyarbakır, Görgün emphasized that, to improve Diyarbakır's quality of life, to prepare the city for the future, to create Diyarbakır as a preferred and investment city by creating new values ​​for existing accumulation, culture and values. He noted that the Cooperation Agreement on City Solutions is an important step. Giving information about ASELSAN's structure and features, Gürgün stated that ASELSAN will complete the projects that it has built in the best and fastest way with all its accumulation.

'Living in Diyarbakır is a privilege and beauty'

Addressing the attendees, our Governor and Mayor of Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality, V. Hasan Basri Güzeloğlu, said that they had a very special and beautiful day for Diyarbakır. Diyarbakir is the 21st century's information technology on the basis of a smart city location Güzeloğlu stressed that the move to move, "Today, together with ASELSAN for the first time in Diyarbakır in Turkey in the context of smart cities is born a new power. As we promised to Diyarbakır, a huge leap from Diyarbakir history is making a great leap forward that will bring richness and depth to the future. Diyarbakır, the city of 10 thousand years old civilization settlement, integrates with the information and science-based technology, which is the reality of the 21st century, and it is now a privilege to live in Diyarbakır. A great transformation felt in every field and every step in Diyarbakır starts from today. This is the sine qua non of our human-centered management approach. Technology exists for man, everything must be human and belong to man. Aselsan is launching a huge accumulation today with civilian solutions and the city scale in Diyarbakır. ”

'Diyarbakır will be the city of firsts'

Expressing that Diyarbakır will be the city of firsts and innovations, Güzeloğlu said, “We have always said and will say. Diyarbakır will be the city of firsts and innovations. In the coming days, we will realize a process with short, medium and long term Aselsan. A city identity that stands out with its communication and information solutions in every field that touches people, makes life easier and turns life in Diyarbakır into pleasure will be in Diyarbakır. Our commitment is full in this regard, from fiber infrastructure to applications, to projects that will make living in Diyarbakır a pleasure in solutions such as health, transportation, security, industry that force people in urban life. ASELSAN has full strength and capacity to do this. Starting today, it will be turning it into practice. At this point in Diyarbakir, Praise ambitious and was a first in Turkey, will be, "he said.

'Preparing Diyarbakir for the future means preparing all the provinces in the impact area'

Stating that preparing Diyarbakır for the future means not only preparing Diyarbakır but also all provinces and settlements in the area of ​​influence, Güzeloğlu said, “Therefore, Aselsan production is a supply center and a settlement center that is subject to production, not only Diyarbakır, but also its entire region. will also bring this positive momentum together. I believe that all this will carry us to the result and achievement as soon as possible, to this beautiful association that started today. a first in Turkey, Diyarbakir wish the best examples of Aselsan cooperation "ended his speech by saying.

The 'Cooperation Agreement for Smart City Solutions' signed between the Metropolitan Municipality and ASELSAN ended after collective photography.

As part of the agreement signed between Diyarbakır Metropolitan Municipality and ASELSAN, ASELSAN will develop applications in the fields of smart transportation, traffic management, alternative energy sources, environmental practices, citizen transportation, city communication infrastructure, smart payment systems, smart city monitoring and management systems.

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