Eskişehir's Action Plan for Combating Corona Virus

Action plan of Eskisehir to fight with corona virus
Action plan of Eskisehir to fight with corona virus

📩 24/03/2020 13:50

Corona virus outbreak at the beginning of March with the start to be effective in the world that prepared the Action Plan to Combat Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality corona virus, the virus was planned measures will take the leap to Turkey. Taking many measures within the scope of planning, Metropolitan Municipality continues to implement the measures taken resolutely.

Metropolitan Municipality, which attaches great importance to public health, took many important measures within the framework of the action plan it has put in place to prevent the spread of the epidemic. In this context, firstly, informative trainings were given to municipal personnel on Covid-19, while the number of personnel was reduced to a maximum in a way that the services would not be disrupted.

Museums and centers were closed, education was interrupted

Yılmaz Büyükerşen Wax Sculptures Museum, Eskişehir Liberation Museum, Glass Arts Museum, Live History Stage and City Memory Museum are temporarily closed to visitors, while the Fairy Tale Castle, Science Experiment Center and Sabancı Space House and Zoo are also for precautionary purposes in this process. does not accept visitors.

Providing training to thousands of people in different fields, ESMEK also temporarily interrupted education in this process.

Great importance is attached to disinfection

Metropolitan Municipality, which attaches great importance to disinfection at the stops and ticket offices, especially trams and buses, performs disinfection with special medicines in vehicles used by thousands of people every day, apart from regular cleaning. In addition, with the mobile teams established, vehicles are disinfected while waiting for departure times at the last stops of trams and buses during the day.

Apart from public transportation, the Metropolitan Municipality teams, which also work in closed areas, which are used mostly by citizens, including bus terminals, regularly disinfect closed areas such as Kalabak Water Plants, Public Bread Factory, Solid Waste Energy Production and Conversion Facility.

While urban furniture frequently used by citizens who are in the risk group for epidemic disease is frequently medicated, seating groups were removed due to the measures taken in the scope of combating Covid-19.

Public transport free of charge to healthcare professionals

The Metropolitan Municipality, which has not forgotten the health workers working devotedly in the common struggle against the epidemic, announced that healthcare workers and pharmacists working in public and private can benefit from trams and city buses for free. "We are always with you in our common struggle!" message was given.

In addition, with the decrease in the number of passengers by 80%, arrangements were made for trams and buses.

The water of the ones using mechanical meters is not stopped

Announcing that Eskişehir residents who use mechanical meters within the scope of corona antivirus measures will not be cut off until May 1, 2020, ESKİ has also created mobile teams for citizens over 65 years of age who are disabled and do not use mechanical meters. If the citizens call 185 and report their address, the teams go to their door and load 10 cubic meters of advance water.

“You can safely consume Halk Ekmek, Halk Süt and Halk Eggs”

The Metropolitan Municipality officials stated that all the varieties in Halk Ekmek were poured untouched and reached the public within the scope of the Covid-19 measures, and stated that citizens can consume the Halk Ekmek, Halk Süt and Halk Egg, which they work meticulously on hygiene.

Expressing that they attach great importance to the hygiene rules in nearly 50 kiosks located in the city center, the officials stated that they are waiting for the citizens to the Public Bread kiosks for the basic foodstuffs produced under the control of food engineers.

The police do not let the opportunists open their eyes.

The police teams, who did not let the opportunists increase the food prices, especially the health products by turning the crisis into opportunities, carry out joint inspections with the authorities of the Provincial Trade Directorate. The teams, which evaluate the complaints especially with the price increases in the cleaning and disinfectant products, warn the sellers against the exorbitant price increases during their audits.

In addition, with the curfew restricted for citizens over 65, all police teams make announcements and warnings at the places where citizens are concentrated throughout the city.

Stray animals are not forgotten either

With the closure of restaurants and cafes that cater to the food needs of street animals, Metropolitan Municipality has also increased the support for food for street animals. With the established teams, cats and dogs are fed with dry food throughout the city. The works carried out with the slogan 'Stay at home, the souls on the streets are entrusted to us' are appreciated by animal-loving citizens.

Citizens are informed in various ways

Metropolitan Municipality, which informs the citizens about bilingual, racket, brochure and flyers, especially social media accounts, about Covid-19, frequently calls on citizens to stay at home. While citizens convey all their requests and complaints to the Metropolitan Municipality via social media, they can also make their payments to the municipality online.

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