News of YHT Bolu Balloon Released

yht bolu came out of the news
yht bolu came out of the news

Many newspapers in Bolu give headlines; "The President gave the order to the Ministry of Transport" Balloon appeared.

At the meeting organized by the Bolu Donors Foundation recently, Professor gave information about the high speed train to the members of the board of the foundation. Dr. Originated from Ayhan Şamandar; The news that “President Erdogan has instructed the Ministry of Transport to investigate the YHT project” came out. Professor Dr. Ayhan Şamandar made a correction in his statement in the whatsapp group and stated that the issue is only within the knowledge of the President. Upon this, Düzceli journalist also met with the reaction of Barış Zengin.

The news that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan instructed the Ministry of Transport for the investigation of the Istanbul-Gebze-Kocaeli-Sakarya-Hendek-Düzce-Bolu-Gerede-Ankara YHT project appeared.

The Dean of Technology Faculty of Düzce University, who first announced the subject from Ankara-Istanbul YHT WhatsApp group. Dr. Ayhan Şamandar: “Dear friends, we have received good news from Ankara as a result of our intensive efforts for 3 months. Our President gave an order to the Ministry of Transport to investigate our proposed Istanbul-Gebze-Kocaeli-Sakarya-Hendek-Düzce-Bolu-Gerede-Ankara YHT project. We are very happy. ”

Upon this, Düzce, Bolu and Sakarya press announced the good news to their readers.

The newspaper reported in "Herein", "How can MPs and the AK Party Düzce Provincial President not know about such an important and vital issue?" He questioned saying.


He made the first statement at 09:18, but in the press, "Why do MPs not know?" Şamandar, who made another statement at 11:02, had to say that the incident was only for the knowledge of the President.

Şamandar said in his last statement: “Dear friends, the news I received was the need to make a correction that our Istanbul-Ankara high-speed train project is known and examined by our Presidency.”


While the news of President Erdogan's knowledge is already known weeks ago, Rota Haber's Chief Editor Barış Zengin, who reacted to giving news as if it was a new news, as well as the Ministry of Transport, wrote the following in the same group;

“Mr. Ayhan Şamandar, we already knew that our President was aware of this issue. Our Deputies and Rector announced this issue. In your last message, it says that he instructed the Ministry of Transport. He made news on this in the whole press. Now you are bringing up the old incident as if it was something new, saying that you have corrected it, bypassing the Ministry of Transportation instruction in your last message. I would like to ask if this is child's play. How to make a correction in such a news that we have announced to thousands of readers. What are you trying to do.

Mr. Ali Dilber, as far as we know, you are at the head of this business. How seriously we need to take what is written in this group and the statements made by the administrators in the group, I would be glad if you explain this to us as members of the press. ”


Apologizing for this article by Barış Zengin, Şamandar said, “Barış Bey, you are right. The subject is known and examined by our Presidency. We do not know if the transport ministry has been instructed. I have a mistake there. ” (the Bolununse)



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