Mayors Request State Support for Rail System Projects

mayors asked for state support for rail system projects
mayors asked for state support for rail system projects

11 Metropolitan Mayors of the Republican People's Party, who came together in the workshop “Towards Smart Cities on Fertile Lands”, published a 6-point final statement at the end of the workshop. 11 Mayors called for the Treasury to guarantee transportation projects such as the rail system and the subway of some provinces, including Mersin, and asked for no double standards between the cities.

Treasury Guarantee Call for Presidents from Rail System Projects

In the final declaration of the 11 Metropolitan Mayors, there was also a request to provide state support for the rail system and metro projects of some provinces, including Mersin. In the declaration, “In investments made by metropolitan municipalities, double standards are sometimes made in permits to be granted by state institutions. Our demands remain unrequited on issues such as metro lines and transportation. We share with you to make our voice heard by the government about treating each municipality equally in works and transactions such as taking into investment plans, giving Treasury guarantee in these processes in our cities where over 40 million people live. ”

In the final declaration, it was also stated that it was decided to act jointly in the processes of finding credit for municipalities on many issues, especially on transportation and rail systems, and emphasized once again the municipalities' commitment to support cooperatives, especially agricultural production cooperatives.

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