Standing Travel in Inter-District Transport in Manisa Removed

Removed the standing journey in transportation between districts in Manisa
Removed the standing journey in transportation between districts in Manisa

Under the supervision of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department, Metropolitan Municipality, in order to make private public transportation buses safer transportation between the districts and to protect passengers traveling against any possible accidents that may be exposed, at least 100 thousand TL with insured seat insurance for each vehicle. announced that the transportation of standing passengers was abolished with the decision of UKOME dated 19.12.2019 and numbered 2019/83.

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department made a written statement about UKOME decisions that will come into force on Monday, February 10. In the statement, “After our province was included in the scope of Metropolitan as of 01/04/2014 and the provincial borders were determined as municipal borders, the authorization given by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure (D4) in relation to the transportation of passengers within the province (Village to District, District to other district or city center) certified carriers, under the roof of the Transportation Master Plan prepared by our Metropolitan Municipality and approved by UKOME, according to the Optimization of Public Transport Lines reports, where they operate, they are taken under a single roof within the corporate structure instead of individual transportation, vehicle capacities, daily voyages, number of passengers carried per vehicle. Considering the criteria such as the distance traveled per person, the existing vehicles have low access, electronic ticketing, today with disability access, as required by Law No. 5378 on Disabled Persons. It is transformed into a new generation of public transportation vehicles with technological equipment and currently provides public transportation services to 1.088 of 1.077 neighborhoods of our city, including inter-district transports.

Opinion was asked to the Ministry of Interior

In the statement that it was stated that the Ministry of the Interior was asked about the transportation of standing passengers, “After the transformation made within the framework of Transportation Master Plans, by using the intercity roads on some routes within the borders of Manisa Metropolitan Municipality (Provincial Property) (D.300 Code No Ankara-İzmir, D.565 Code No. Istanbul-İzmir et al.) 100-120 km since standing passenger transportation is carried out within the scope of city public transportation services specified in the Regulation on Free or Discounted Travel Cards from District to District, District to City Center or Districts connected to the District. As for the long-haul roads and buses such as public roads with 100 km / h speed limit, the Ministry of Internal Affairs has been asked whether there is any objection in terms of traffic safety in public and private public transportation vehicles and standing passenger transportation. In summary, referring to the Highway Traffic Regulations, it is stated that there is no seat belt requirement in public transport vehicles operating in the settlements, but it is mandatory to make a Road Passenger Compulsory Seat Insurance in the transportations made outside the settlement according to the Road Transport Regulation.

Compulsory Seat Insurance in Inter-District Transportation

In the information given about the new regulation in public transportation between districts, “Within this framework; Under the supervision of our Metropolitan Municipality, UKOME's 100.000 made it possible for Private Public Transport buses to transport passengers between the districts to make safer transportation, and to carry out standing passenger transportation by making a seat insurance with at least 19.12.2019 TL for each vehicle in order to protect the traveling passengers against any possible accidents that may occur. It was removed by the decision dated 2019/83 and numbered 65/XNUMX. With this decision of UKOME, the transportation between the districts is out of the scope of the Free and Discounted Travel Cards Regulation. Martyrs and Veterans, citizens with physical disabilities and those who have free travel due to health other than national athletes and citizens over XNUMX years of age are free and discounted travel in inter-district passenger transportation. It will not benefit from the right to carry the cards free of charge in the Regulation. ”

Free Boarding Abuse Limitation

The explanation, which also stated that there are restrictions on free boarding, ended as follows: “Besides, in the transportation to other places (city-district centers and public transportation from the neighborhood to the district), the relatives of our martyrs and veterans and citizens with physical disabilities have the right to free transportation during the day. Since it is determined that there are difficulties in the transportation of the students and the school of the students due to the fact that they use the public transportation vehicles arbitrarily and unlimitedly, they have free access to the public transportation vehicles as a daily (2) ride without any line, day and hour limitation with the decision of UKOME mentioned above. decision was made. ”

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