Inspections Will Continue for More Comfortable and Safe Transportation in Sakarya

inspections will continue for a more comfortable and secure transportation in Sakarya
inspections will continue for a more comfortable and secure transportation in Sakarya

The inspections of public transportation vehicles are continuing by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Public Transportation Branch Directorate. Necessary criminal sanctions are imposed on vehicles deemed inappropriate by the regulation of public transport vehicles by the inspection teams. In the statement made, it was stated that a compliance check was made for 4 thousand 500 public transport vehicles that have been operating since January.

The inspections for public transportation vehicles continue by the Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Transportation Public Transportation Branch Directorate. In the statement made on the subject, “As well as requests, demands and complaints from our citizens, we continue our daily routine inspections for public transport. In these inspections, our teams carry out inspections regarding the maintenance of the public transportation vehicle, its hygienic condition, whether it is suitable for drivers' clothing, in-vehicle lighting, air conditioning and public transportation vehicles such as radiators and signs. In addition, it makes additional travel arrangements on the lines where there are more passengers than necessary. Necessary criminal sanctions are imposed on vehicles that do not comply with the public transport regulations while conducting inspections on whether public transport drivers use cigarettes and phones while traveling. In this context, we applied a temporary license cancellation between 5 and 3 days to 10 vehicles that insulted the martyrs, played games at the wheel and did not comply with UKOME decisions. We also intervened in public transport vehicles with window film. In addition to all these, we have checked the compliance of 4 thousand 500 public transportation vehicles operating in our city with the inspections we have carried out since January. ”

Plate and clock notification enables quick solution of the problem

In the continuation of the statement, “Our inspections will continue increasingly so that our citizens can travel in more organized and safe public transportation vehicles. In this context, we attach great importance to complaints from our citizens for public transport. We consider every complaint that our citizens report to the ALO153 center. We will continue our efforts to enable our citizens to carry out their transportation in a more peaceful, comfortable and safer way by declaring that the number of public transportation vehicles reported by our citizens in their complaint notifications or the time notification will enable quick resolution of the problem ”.

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